Friday, June 26, 2015

Birthday Fail (Again) and News Roundup

Well fuck me I missed my blog's birthday for the fourth (count 'em: 2012, 2013, 2014) year in a row. But at least I'm getting closer, right? It's hard to believe I started this crazy thing FOUR years ago. I was still a  dumb little pipsqueak back then - just barely outta my teens (turned 20 about six months before my first post). I was also literally a little pipsqueak because I was starving and underweight, but that makes for less festive birthday party conversation so ahem moving on...

I am taking myself out of the boot AMA, at least part-time. The back pain is getting to be intolerable, plus the boot seems to be aggravating my old Achilles injury (same side as the stress fracture). Maybe just tightness/compensation or something, but I am NOT going to pick up another injury in the process of recovering from the first one, if I can help it. Besides, my foot does seem to be feeling a little better (maybe? I think? knock on wood?) i.e. standing doesn't seem to bother it as much, and I can poke it without shooting pains. I spoke to my orthopedist yesterday afternoon and she ordered an MRI which I'll get next week. Hopefully it feels better enough by then that I won't spend the whole weekend freaking out about having developed some life-threatening injury [SHUT UP, A STRESS FRACTURE COULD BE LIFE-THREATENING].


How 'bout that Supreme Court, amiright? Well done, folks. Two excellent decisions in two days. Just when I'm getting ready to pack my bags and move to Denmark, the good ole U.S. of A. comes through. And while we're at it, I never thought I'd say this but: the Pope and I share an opinion on science. Good couple of weeks for humans all around, no? Of course there was this fella but at least he has been sufficiently publicly shamed. My best friend works in a lab a few hours north of me and has taken to sending me #DISTRACTINGLYSEXY selfies of herself in a lab coat and goggles about 12 times a day, so all in all I'd say this situation has ended in a net gain.

I'll give you a minute to click through all those links.

My Friday plan involves swimming, lunch, and then PT (swoon). And maybe some work on a couple papers we have going but, you know, maybe not.

Edit: UGH dang it. I went to PT earlier this afternoon and told him all about my genius ditch-the-boot plan and he was like 'HA uh, no'. So I have been re-booted at least until after my MRI. Oh and also I learned that my sexy physical therapist is ENGAGED so I'm gonna need a little time to get over that.

Well, that was short-lived.


  1. Yuck, poor leg! I know this is not welcome/easy advice, but the best way to avoid hip/back/secondary injuries while being nice to your foot is going to be to uh... not move. It's hard. Like, really, really hard. And as someone who lives in a city-ish area/campus, you probably walk way more than you even realize. One of my legs miraculously healed when I went IP for four weeks-- not long enough for nutrition to really impact bone stuff, but actually living on a unit for a month = legit minimal walking. It's really hard.

    Failing that, wearing a shoe/insert to make your hips even will help too.

    Good luck. Sitting around is harddd. My leg is flaring up again and between anxiety + busy working schedule sitting around just hasn't been happening for me either.

  2. Echoing what JS said... you need to rest. :) You're probably doing far too much activity.

  3. yuck why are you guys being SO REASONABLE