Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Notes

Foot is still booted. But I have not yet driven off the sanity cliff.

I have gone swimming a few times now, and it is sort of growing on me. It's such a a different sensation from any other kind of exercise. Like, you're practically floating, totally weightless, with this surreal sensory deprivation. It never feels like you're working that hard, but you get back to the wall and are somehow winded. Strange. Part of the breathlessness is probably that I have terrible form and definitely don't use the correct breathing technique (my current breathing technique is to NOT DIE), but oh well. Sue me, I have a broken foot.

So yes, I will admit, there are other types of exercise besides running, and I can survive without running for the foreseeable future. But I have to say, swimming is so fucking BORING. I can't even really let my mind wander in the pool because I'm so busy keeping track of how many laps I've done. Plus since I suck, I have to stop periodically to catch my breath and give my limbs a break from flailing about, and thus cannot get into any sort of rhythm. You guys feel me?

I saw Spy the other day. It was pretty funny, if surprisingly violent.

Ugh I swear it has been raining for days, and isn't supposed to stop anytime soon. Do you guys know how obnoxious it is to hobble around in a boot in the rain? Well let me tell you, IT IS REALLY FRIGGIN OBNOXIOUS. Actually it is pretty obnoxious to hobble around under any circumstances in the boot, but the rain just adds insult to injury. I had a meeting with my advisor yesterday and he felt so bad about making me walk up to his office (on the third floor) that he came downstairs to meet me. J is also super jazzed about me getting started on my doctoral research, it's pretty cute; he sent me an e-mail about possible DISSERTATION topics the other day (and I don't even technically start the program for two months). I was like 'uhhh, I've been at the pool.' At least one of us is focused on the end game here.

I need book recommendations. Hit me, literary blog readers.


  1. Have you ever read The Nuclear Age by Tim O'Brien? I don't know why, but I LOVED that book and I've recommended it to several other people (like mom and sister and boyfriend) and they all really liked it too. That's the only one that's coming to mind (if you're looking for fiction)...

    Swimming is HARD! I don't enjoy doing laps because I have the same problem. I feel like I'm just gasping for breath the whole way through and find it really uncomfortable. I like treading water though. But you couldn't pay me to get in a bathing suit right now!!

  2. I love my swimp3 player-- amazing underwater music clarity, surreal feeling to be swimming w floaty music or books on tape. Its the only way i can stay in for more than 10-15 mins sans death by boredom.

  3. I used to have swimming as a PE lessons, and it was boring for me too. Although swimmers have quite nice, lean bodies. I can't wait to have so much time to start reading a lot again. Last summer I've read all the books from "The /song of Ice and Fire" to start "Game of Thrones"

  4. Hope the rain has cleared up! Sorry you're not a fan of swimming. I feel the way about running that you do about swimming, so I can somewhat relate to those feelings. I just love the way swimming feels like it elongates my body. It also feels much nicer on my body in general than running does. I hope you find ways to enjoy it more soon!

  5. Ugh, sorry about the boot, that sounds like a pain (literally and figuratively). I'm glad you're embracing swimming a bit more though -- that's one of my goals when I have access to my university rec center pool again, because it is SO much kinder to your skeletal system and is a really good workout as well.

    Are you looking for fiction or nonfiction? Have you read 'Life After Life' by Kate Atkinson? I recently read and LOVED 'All of Our Names' by Dinaw Mengistu. 'The Girl on the Train' is a good fast, light summer read. 'All the Light We Cannot See' is fantastic. Pretty much anything by Barbara Kingsolver is a winner except for 'The Lacuna', which I didn't like despite being a big fan of hers . . . I could list books all day. I hope you've found some good material!