Monday, June 22, 2015


It is bothering my sense of symmetry to be only using my left shoes. I have this fear of finally getting out of the boot and finding all my left shoes worn down to scraps while my right shoes are still shiny and new. The thought literally gives me chills. I might have to talk about it in therapy.

It's back to PT this afternoon to work on what my new physical therapist called my "postural imbalances." Although it is kind of a drag and I am terrible about doing the exercises as prescribed, I actually enjoy going to PT because it makes me feel like I am actively DOING SOMETHING as opposed to just sitting around waiting for my foot to heal. Plus my physical therapist is super hot. Even though he thinks I'm unbalanced.

Another issue I'm having is that none of my shoes have quite enough of a lift to keep both legs even when I'm wearing the boot, so my lower back is KILLING ME from being pulled out of alignment all day. My sneakers are closest, but I am so frigging sick of wearing ugly sneakers all the time! So now basically whenever I'm home I have one icepack on my foot and another ice pack on my lower back. Maybe I'll ask my smokin' physical therapist for a massage today.

Oh and finally, awesome book recommendations everyone!! I picked up a copy of Flight Behavior yesterday (thanks, Cammy!). Only about fifty pages in and I'm totally engrossed. Add this to the mounting evidence about why I never want to live on a farm.

Happy Monday everyone. Peace out and be gentle on your feet.

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  1. Kingsolver for the win! And hot physical therapists for the win. Unbalanced actually attracts some guys, although I wouldn't recommend playing that card or vouch for the ultimate results. ;)

    I hadn't thought about that issue with wearing a boot, yikes. How long do you have to keep it on? Fingers crossed for fast healing . . .