About Me

Hi everyone—I am a 23-year-old graduate student in the US. I have been struggling with anorexia since I was 13. During my sophomore year of college, I got so sick that I ended up taking a medical leave of absence (which was when I started this blog). I came back to school the following year still waffling on recovery - canceling appointments with my dietician, not eating well, and running too much. That winter, I developed a chronic pain condition due to hormone loss and nerve damage. Only in the past year have I really gotten my eating disorder under control, and only in the past six months have I begun finding relief from the nerve pain. I am currently living sans roommate for the first time, trying to figure out how to pay my bills making $9 per hour, NOT cooking, working my butt off in school and research, sometimes having a social life, and sometimes sleeping. Enjoy :)

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