Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Voice, New Self

I am a 20-year old college student recovering from anorexia.  After being pulled out of school one week into the spring semester of my sophomore year, facing months of isolation and weight gain, I discovered a community of eating disorder bloggers who were writing honestly and eloquently about their own struggles.  Suddenly, I felt a little less lonely.

At a time in my life when I didn't have much to look forward to, I looked forward to reading new blog posts.  I have probably learned as much about recovery from these ladies as I have from my doctor, therapist, and nutritionist combined.  Not the re-feeding/goal weight/calorie type stuff, but the nitty-gritty/everyday/this-sucks-but-quitting-is-not-an-option-trust-me-I've-been-there type stuff.

So, here's mine, and it is absolutely 100% inspired by others.  I'm actually not quite sure what took me so long to start a blog, because writing is definitely my biggest passion and if I could write every day for the rest of my life I would be a very happy person.  This will primarily be a blog about recovery from an eating disorder, as that occupies a huge part of my mind and my life at this point, but it will also be an outlet and hopefully a way to connect to others out there who may also be struggling.  Other blogs have been huge sources of comfort, knowledge, and support for me (although I am too shy to comment so the authors probably don't even know!) and maybe this can be the same for someone else.

I have loved reading other blogs and I am so totally excited and honored to put myself out there with the rest of them.  I am writing to find a voice beyond my eating disorder, beyond all the fears, and beyond the sickness that feels so ingrained I mistake it for my real self.

So, here goes! Hope you like it.

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