Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fun Facts Redux

Because blogging is feeling kind of like a chore these days (it's not you, it's me!!!), I'm bringing back fun facts.

- My birthday is the day after Halloween, which is less fun than it sounds. When I was a kid, it inevitably meant dragging myself to school with a candy hangover.

- This just reminded me that I missed my blog's birthday for the third year in a row. My bad x 3. Happy belated birthday, blog.


- My parents are different races. This was a topic of minor consternation in the Catholic Church where they got married, but screw the haters, I say! Thirty years later and neither of them goes to church anymore but the marriage is rock-solid.

- To give you a further idea of how far from the church my parents have strayed, I had to ask my mom in 5th grade if the pope was Catholic because I had no clue. And my brother still thinks a Hail Mary is just a random name for a football play.


- Speaking of Big Bro B, we discovered this year that he paid more in income taxes than I earned from three jobs combined. At least I got all my taxes back while Big Bro paid close the maximum rate. SUCKER.

- I drink approximately 80-100 oz of water of day. Not sure if that is good or bad, but I am always thirsty and never feel right with less.

- I also drink 3 cups of coffee a day. Don't even try to stop me.


- I've explained to you my internal conflict over country music, and it is still a minor source of angst for me. Some of it is fun and cute, like Zac Brown Band and Keith Urban and some of Dierks Bentley. But I'm sorry, about 85% of the country songs on the radio sound exactly the same to me. Tan blue-eyed girls with some version of tight jeans/jean shorts/painted on jeans/cut-off jeans riding around in pickup trucks. Anyone have any good music suggestions? I'm more of a rock/alternative/folksy type. That being said, I'd listen to Taylor Swift all day long if that were socially acceptable at my age. And I'm ashamed of this from a feminist/progressive/human decency perspective, but I can't turn off "Talk Dirty to Me."

- I never watch soccer except during the World Cup. I got the fever! And this time around I was all FORÇA BRASIL!! I so wanted them to win!! Mostly because they were the hosts and the crowds were super fun, and I just loved Neymar, even with his stupid haircut. And then when he got hurt they were the underdogs, and I love a good underdog story! But alas. It's been a rough week.

the blonde curse
- Most mornings I wake up between 6:45-7 a.m. without an alarm. And then maybe once every couple of months, I'll randomly sleep until 9 or 10 and it is GLORIOUS.

And finally, a few of my current obsessions:
- Jimmy Fallon
- Jimmy Buffett
- cranberry juice (and I've never even had a UTI.... TMI? You decide)
- 2048
- the Bachelorette (again, I am ashamed. Feminists everywhere groaned collectively when she quit her job as a lawyer to "find love." But damn that show is addicting. #TeamNick)
- Denim shirts. I know, I just ragged on country singers for their jeans obsessions, but I got a new denim shirt earlier this year and I AM IN LOVE. It goes with everything. But at least I don't sing about it.

Wow, just went back to read my first Fun Facts post from over THREE years ago. I was such a spring chicken back then! Young and fresh and witty and delightful! And clearly I've only gotten better. KAYLEE OUT.

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  1. I love your assessment of the majority of country songs out there! I totally agree! Nothing wrong with listening to Taylor Swift all day long! Who will know?! :)