Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th Recap

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend! Mine has been relatively great, which was a nice change given that my past two Independence Day weekends pretty much sucked due to pain and depression and general poor health. This year one of my old college friends invited me to a pool party at her grandmother's house, so I went there for a few hours before coming back into the city for festivities and fireworks with some of my friends. College City was a MADHOUSE Friday evening; they had concerts all day, and then the fireworks display at around 10pm. Luckily we could walk there from my apartment, because driving/parking would have been a nightmare. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I am SO GRATEFUL that even though I'm having some pain and have been pretty down about it these past couple months, I am still vastly better than I used to be, and was still able to walk there and back (a couple miles) with very little pain.

Happy 4th!

Yesterday I kept it pretty quiet - slept in, skipped working out because I was tired (this was HUGE for me), went grocery shopping, did some work, watched a lot of TV, and took a nap. It was kind of incredibly how relaxed I was about having such a relaxing day; normally that kind of thing would have stressed me out ("I'm not burning enough calories!" "I'm wasting time!" "I'm not accomplishing anything!") but I actually had an amazing, quiet, simple day. 

This was me, minus the hammock and beach

Today ended up being kind of stressful for unexpected reasons, but it was entirely my own fault and can't blame anyone else. My friend and I were going to meet up and walk/hang in the park near campus, but I somehow managed to lose my keys there. Yes, ALL my keys: car key, apartment building AND individual unit keys, and even my mailbox key. How did this happen, you ask? Well, the answer is that I have no fuckin' clue...I must have dropped them in the grass somewhere without noticing, although we scoured that park for about 2.5 hours looking (and I got a tad sunburnt in the process) but no such luck. So, I called my leasing company and had to have someone let me in = $25, and then tomorrow I'll have to go into the office get a new set of keys = $50. JOY. But like I said, it was me being a careless idiot and can blame no one but myself. I suppose on the bright side, I had my friend with me for moral support/entertainment so the entire ordeal was much less painful than it might have been.

So....that was my weekend. Mostly good with a random bout of panic thrown in. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and hope everyone outside the US had a lovely weekend!

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