Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Midweek Updates

Busy busy busy. I think it's starting to catch up with me because I have been SO TIRED the last few days. Or maybe the holiday weekend just did me in, but I've been napping like crazy and just generally feeling exhausted. I also did come off my medication (AMA, I know..) and those weird brain zaps are totally killing me. I had a similar experience when I came off Effexor about 2.5 years ago, so at least I knew what to expect. And the Effexor withdrawal was way worse. Re the med issue - Dr. P is pushing me to get an appointment with my psychiatrist to try something else, but I'm feeling pretty spooked/slightly apathetic about meds right now and I keep putting it off. Dr. P pulled out her giant book of drugs last week and recommended I ask my psych about trying either a different SSRI (I've been on Zoloft already, so maybe Prozac) or Buspar. I wish I were less freaked out about this, but alas such is my brain. (Probably why I need to be medicated.)

I think - knockonwood - that my schedule should slow down a little after this week. My class ends tomorrow (THREE CHEERS) and I'll be finishing up my clinic hours by the end of next week. I'll still be working at my research job, and working independently on research with my advisor J, but overall my schedule should be a LOT more flexible. Although of course I'll be starting my next internship placement in early August. To the other graduate students out there: anyone remember when summer vacation was a thing? ME NEITHER.

Tonight is the first week night in about 3 weeks that I haven't been interviewing for the study I'm working on with J's colleague. Instead I have a group meeting for our class presentation tomorrow. Ugh boo gross I hate group projects. Yours truly does not work well with others. That being said, this project has been a slight joke so I'm not that worried, and I have two good friends in the group so mostly we just use Group Time to socialize.

obviously we wear lbds and drink cocktails during class

I'm reading another great book. You guys remember the Duke lacrosse rape scandal a few years ago? I was in high school at the time and didn't pay much attention, but I was definitely aware and definitely biased in terms of "OMG THOSE MONSTERS THAT POOR WOMAN #GUILTY #MENSUCK" based on what I read in the newspapers. Turns out there was much much more to the story. Any, the book below is incredibly well-researched and delves into the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that led to the case totally blowing up.


I'm only about 150 pages in so far (it's a big fat book) but it's intriguing.

Well, hope everyone's week is going well! More soon.


  1. Blogger keeps eating my comments! Congrats on finishing up your class and sticking with clinic despite the challenges! I'm sure it'll be nice to have your schedule lighten up a bit!

    I hope you and your psych can find the best med for you. I know you've been resistant toward meds, and I'm not sure if that's what's going on right now or not, but I want you to remember that serotonin issues are true chemical imbalances. It's no different than thyroid medication, insulin, allergy medication, etc. Good luck in finding what'll be best for you! Hang in there, and I hope the withdrawls end soon!

  2. Piggybacking on what Alie said... not sure why you decided to stop your med cold-turkey but I'm assuming it's the "it's making me fat" issue. I just hope things stay stable. I just know from experience that things get shitty when I do stuff like that... sometimes it takes a week or two but then I'm cleaning up the mess for a good month. Please get in to see your psych soon.