Sunday, December 28, 2014


Second installment:

What's your real name?
Not this again.

Please? So I can stalk you on Facebook?
My Facebook page is private. Nice try. You may call me Kaylee, Kay, K, K-Lee, Oh-Kay-Doe-Kay, or K-doodle-bops. Take your pick.

How old are you now?
I am 24 and feeling insecure about getting old so leave me alone. The first thing my mom said when she called me up on my birthday last month was, "So, does this mean you're in your mid-twenties now?" EW BOO SHRIEK NO SHUT UP YOU ARE THE WORST MOTHER EVER I HATE YOU AND I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN.

Are your feet really that weirdly big?
I mean, sort of. I'm 5'3" and I wear a size 8, which is just one size down from my mom, who is 5'5". Is that weird? Now you guys are making me insecure again.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Oh, you mean when I finish my never-ending education? When I have accumulated so many letters after my name that they won't fit on business cards and people start to assume I'm overcompensating for something? I probably want to either go into academia or do research for a think-tank.

Pet peeve?
Oh my God, so many. Bad breath, bad grammar, bad spelling, bad manners, bad drivers, stupidity, know-it-alls, hipsters, girls who wear leggings all the time instead of real pants, dudes who don't know how to tuck in a shirt, people who don't know how to recycle, people who pop their gum......should I go on? I realize these are not so much pet peeves as just me being judgmental, but sorry. This is what you get.

Bad habits?
Biting my nails, weighing myself, being a freak.

Two in each earlobe and one in my left cartilage.


Proudest accomplishments?
The obvious ones are school-related: my senior thesis, my college GPA, my current research.

But honestly? I'm more proud of this stuff: Ditching the scale. Gaining XX pounds and dealing. Surviving the last five years. It hasn't been easy.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Employed doing something I love, married with one or two kiddos, skinny at a healthy weight, no therapy, no medication, happy. A girl can dream, right?


  1. I somehow missed your earlier FAQ section-- I'm surprised at the stuff people email you about/ask! I don't think I know the story of what happened when you'd left school/were in the hospital the first time-- but damn girl, look at how far you've come!

    My feet are the opposite-- I'm almooost 5'8" and my shoe size is 7. I also recently discovered I have freakishly small hands (ie: the OR has to track down gloves in my size or my hands are useless).

    True story: had a therapist at a very large ED treatment center who wore nothing but leggings, and inappropriately short shirts. Think 80's rock star. Suuuch a pet peeve. It came up in community meeting on one of my last nights there, so I'm not sure if she ever started wearing pants.

    I hope winter break is treating you well.

    1. Don't take this the wrong way but that is SO WEIRD about our feet!! You would literally tower over me irl but could wear my hand-me-down shoes (pink Jelly sandals, obvi) from like 3rd grade. Also, I have creepily long skinny spider web fingers; the OR would probably have to order custom gloves for me. Bodies are bizarre. Also, I hope that therapist saw the error of her ways and adopted pants. Probably would be good for everyone's mental health.

      I would say the majority of stuff people ask me falls under either a) who are you, b) what do you look like, and c) health stuff. I am mostly happy to answer anything, except stuff that would give away who I am (except for the couple of you who do already know, and have been amazing about keeping my blog/real lives separate!!).

      Re the leaving school thing: I started this blog several months after it went down, so maybe I've never talked about it. Here is the short version: started my sophomore year of college (Aug 2011) slightly underweight and it spiraled pretty quickly. By Thanksgiving I was totally emaciated and super sick - when I went home for the long weekend, my parents basically told me they were onto me and we would deal with it after the semester ended, so that I should just basically try to not die before then. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I started blacking out at school and got put in the hospital for a few days for heart stuff...somehow finished the semester, but in bad shape. I started OP treatment over winter break and tried going back to school in January, but was still blacking out/not eating/overexercising. Went back to the hospital for a couple days, and then my parents pulled me out about two weeks into the semester. I went back home (my parents' house is several states and a many-hours' drive from my university, so unfortunately commuting was not an option) and did OP from home through August, when I went back to school for my junior year. I started this blog I think in June/July 2012, so the summer between my semester off and the start of my junior year.

  2. Love this Kaylee!
    You are smart, witty and so adorable x

    1. hahah thank you Ruby!! Back atcha! I want to drink tea with you someday.

  3. Just seeing this now. Hey I'm 5'3" (and a half?) and wear size 8 shoes. Nothing wrong with it!!!!! :)
    Now my sister, who is 5'4" and wears 10s? Different story -- haha

    1. haha yeah I think we must be the normal ones.....