Monday, December 8, 2014

Grouchy McGrouchster

Ugh, I am SO CRANKY. Having one of those days/weeks where everything and everyone is totally getting on my nerves. My friends, my mom, my classes, my job, my co-workers, EVERYTHING. Maybe this is just the culmination of a long, horribly stressful, exhausting, crazy semester finally coming to a head. I have a few things left for my classes, but then I'm just taking advantage of not having class to put in long hours at both my jobs. So as usual, my vacation is not really a vacation. Basically I am just stressed and frustrated and everyone around me is driving me insane and I don't know what I want except to be left alone. I feel like I can't relate to anyone around me and everyone is on a mission to irritate and demoralize me. At this point I just want to burrow under my covers with a book and a cup of coffee and have zero responsibilities for a long long time.

I have lots to vent about, but most of it is too convoluted to explain so I'll just skip it. I mentioned that I was reading this great book about cancer - even though I don't really have any particular vested interest, it is a really amazing read. I'm not done yet because I got busy and stopped reading for a couple weeks, but I'm getting back into it. You would think it'd be kind of dry for a non-medical person - the history of cancer research - but it's actually fascinating and once I start reading, I can't put it down. My winter break reading list is already a mile long and I cannot WAIT to have free time again.

Anyway speaking of cancer - I stopped by J's office to chat this morning, and found out that his own mentor from graduate school is very very sick, basically dying of colon cancer that had metastasized. So that's really sad.

Random example of people SUCKING: Someone left a post-it on my car in our building lot asking me to "park in the right place." Ha, um, we don't have assigned spots sooo...not sure wtf that is about. Upon receiving said note, I have continued to park wherever the fuck I want.

I need coffee. Or maybe some alcohol. And a punching bag.

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