Saturday, December 20, 2014

Six S Saturday

Sandwiches are totally bumming me out lately. I have probably eaten a sandwich for lunch every day for the past five years, and I'm over it. I had some time yesterday and decided to be a little creative (and anyone who knows me knows this is monumental....I hate cooking, food stresses me out, and I am the least creative cooker/eater in the world). Anyway, what I did was roast a bunch of veggies (brussels sprouts, onions, red peppers) and mixed them with chickpeas and some spices into a salad-type concoction. Verdict: not bad! I really do wish I could be a little more adventurous, and get my shit together enough to plan actual meals for lunch instead of the same ole same old all the time. So, maybe a positive first step.

My sprouts

Sleep. Or, more specifically, my magical hippie drug Somnapure. I've only ever been able to find it at CVS (I usually shop at Walgreens because it's closer, and that's where I fill all my prescriptions) but lately, they've been out of stock. I still think the Somnapure has helped with sleep, but lately I've been trying to ration it (it's expensive) by taking half a dose plus valerian root, which didn't seem to do much on its own but seems to work okay in this combination. Anyway, I recently ran out of Somnapure and haven't been able to find it at CVS so I switched to a different brand of "natural, drug-free" sleep aids - can't tell if it works yet. Hopefully yes, because it costs a little less!

Spring schedule. My schedule is going to be significantly different next semester. I'm only taking three classes instead of five (well, four classes plus two labs, which I rounded to five), but working more hours at my internship and doing more research. I think it should be a little less stressful, especially without the doctoral apps to worry about. Well, I suppose in the spring the rejections will start rolling in, so that will probably be pretty stressful...

Snapchat. I might be twelve years old. But I love Snapchat. I only really use it with a couple of my friends, and we literally can carry on these ridiculous snap conversations all day long. At the risk of trying to make Snapchat into something poetic, I feel like it makes me look at things differently. It's not just enough to send a little message, but I have to send a wacky face with it, or a shot of something to illustrate the point or be ironic or funny or whatever. And knowing the picture disappears makes me braver and more creative and less cautious (I mean not in a weird naked-pictures kind of way, get your minds out of the gutter. You guys are gross). Am I putting too much thought into this? Probably. But I do love Snapchat. Kids these days have all the fun.

Shoes. I love clothes and shopping, but 1) I have no money and 2) I have crap body image, so clothes shopping gets complicated. But shoes are another story. I LOVE SHOES. For my birthday back in November, I asked my brother for a pair of flats to replace the pair he'd gotten me a couple years ago. I sent him links for two options, and told him to pick whichever. Well, he forgot and I never got a birthday present from him—until last night, that is. To make up for being six weeks late, he bought me both.

You guys like?

SERIAL. I AM OBSESSED. I've never listened to podcasts before, and this was an amazing introduction. From the first minutes of the first episode, I was totally hooked. I am a total newbie to this podcast thing—are there other series like this out there? Must investigate. This could be life-changing.

You guys like my pics? It is a new thing I'm trying - Kaylee the Photographer instead of Kaylee the Clipart Finder. But if you are worried this will turn into a food blog, ha. That will not happen.


  1. Love this post Kaylee!
    You know you really are funny and witty
    I bet if we met in real life we would have a cuppa and a long chat with lots of laughs
    You know when you just know that you will get on well with someone?
    Well I think we would be firm friends fast
    And I'm glad to read that you are not turning your blog in to a food blog
    I just find food blogs so boring
    Is that just me?

    Love to you Kaylee my lady
    Keep keeping on x

    1. haha yes I totally know what you mean!! I hate food blogs too. I don't get them. thanks Ruby :)

  2. Ok first of all, LOVE THE SHOES. I have a serious shoe/purse addiction.
    Secondly, your salad concoction looks fantastic! I am the exact same, boring eater, hate cooking, I would just eat veggies and fruit because I can grab them easily, or a turkey wrap. Thank god my boyfriend and I moved in together and he loves cooking elaborate, healthy meals, otherwise I would probably never eat a hot meal again, hah!

    Glad to hear you'll be a little less stress this next semester, I am taking only 3 classes as well (but that's 3 lectures + 2 clinical days), but I'm thinking it's going to be a little less stressful as well! Yay for us!


    1. Thanks!! Yep I am totally in love with the new shoes, esp the tan ones....except it's way too cold out for flats so I've just been wearing them around my apartment, looking down and admiring my feet.

      Argh I know js has told me the best way to get excited about food is to meet a foodie guy. So, I suppose my future husband has a lot of requirements: he has to cook, clean, be handy with cars and other odd jobs, scorn country music as I do, have a sense of humor, and be tall dark and handsome. Shouldn't be too hard to find, right?!

      I hope your spring semester is low stress and awesome!!

    2. Part of my overly ambitious plan for winter break is to learn how to cook. Still live 3 hours away from the dark handsome cook, and I've spent waaay too much money on food lately cuz I don't cook, get starving, order in, etc.

      Also there's some pseudo-science about pair bonding being influenced by having new experiences together-- so you know, even if future beau doesn't start out as a foodie, trying new things together could be fun.

      Also: is zappo's discount site. Occasionally I've snagged shoes for 75% off there, but mostly I just peruse.


  4. Also serial is the besssst. Other podcasts are not nearly as cool, but i love this american life, and bbc's wiretap is good too. I drive excessively these days and these keep me company.

  5. also: !!

    (how obvious is it that I'm sick in bed and the only thing I've done all week is play online?)