Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Into the Final Stretch

Back in College City after a nice Thanksgiving weekend at home. Still frustrated with myself and my body, but feeling a little better about stuff. It is Day 3 of my period (tmi? sorry) so I'm past the worst of the crampy part but still hella emotional. Lots of random bursting into tears. I cry when I read anything about Ferguson. I cried (discreetly) when someone in my class gave a presentation on child abuse. I'm reading a book about cancer by an oncologist, and I cry whenever one of his patients dies. #tearsfordays

Anyways. Other than that I'm fine. My semester is starting to wind down - at least in terms of classes. I still have two presentation and two papers to get through,  but surprisingly feel pretty okay about them. My presentation for tomorrow is basically done, I just need to do a few practice runs. My paper due next Monday is mostly done. My paper due next Thursday is not started, but I'm not too worried about it. My other paper and presentation are due the following Monday, so I haven't really thought about them yet...

Most importantly, all my PhD applications are submitted! My advisor tested my anxiety-management skills by waiting until THE DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE to submit his letter of recommendation, but he did indeed submit it and all is well. I can't believe that December 1 deadline, which had been hanging over my head for SO long, has finally passed.

This semester was unbelievably stressful and I'm definitely happy it's ending, but I also think I've learned and grown a lot since August. I am trying to reflect a little bit on that, and be proud and happy with myself rather than just trucking along, never feeling quite adequate. My spring semester should be substantially lighter in terms of coursework, although my research project will probably intensify and I'll be spending more hours at my internship, so I will probably stay about as busy as I am now. Eventually (assuming I get accepted anywhere.....) I'll also have to do some traveling to visit other schools and make a decision about where to head next, but I can't worry about all that just yet.

I just booked planed tickets home for a full two weeks starting December 23, which is the longest vacation I've taken in a few years. I am planning to eat and sleep a lot, not overexercise, and enjoy my family as much as possible.

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