Monday, December 22, 2014

Packing Frenzy

Getting ready to head home to my parents' house for two weeks. I'm furiously folding laundry and shoving stuff into my suitcase tonight, plus calculating out how little sleep I'm actually going to get by setting my alarm for—wait for it—3:45 IN THE MORNING. My flight is at six, but the cab's coming at 4:30. I am counting on no lines at security that early.....because normal people fly during the daylight hours, right?

Ugh, I SO hate packing. Probably why I'm blogging right now instead of, you know, actually packing. Can I also add how much harder is it to pack in the winter? Like, how am I supposed to fit all my layers and sweaters and scarves and wool socks and boots and gloves into a carry-on? Because after six years of making this trip home, I refuse to check a bag at the airport.

Apparently I'm back to my clipartting ways

Anyways. This post is blatant procrastination/complaining. Sorry to be boring. I had a weird/frustrating/interesting day today, but no energy or time to get into it now. Let's just say it involved: therapy, my weight, me being a freak, a doctor's appointment, me driving in circles for hours, getting lost in downtown College City, me being a freak again, and a lot of pouring rain. Hope to update more tomorrow!

All the best—K


  1. I hope you have a safe and fun holidays!
    I am sorry it was a rough day and I hope you are doing okay.
    Take care and enjoy the next couple of weeks :)

    1. Thanks Jenn :) Hope your holiday is great as well