Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Miscellany

Happy Friday, all. I am COLD. But not gonna complain too much because things are otherwise going pretty okay and—dare I say—well, so I can deal with the cold.

I mentioned last time that I've started weight training, which has been a hugely positive step for me. A couple weeks ago, I tagged along with a friend who knows way more about lifting than I do, and she gave me some exercises that I was able to do with no pain. SO, I am a recent weight lifting convert, after years of avoiding it in favor of straight-up cardio. Now I feel super strong and awesome (even though I'm a huge weakling and basically can only lift the lightest free weights without keeling over and dying right there on the gym floor). Last time I was there, I was lifting next to this huge kid who probably outweighed me by about a hundred pounds. He was pressing these humungous barbells and I was whimpering and straining to get my lil twelve pounders over my head, which was pretty funny/mortifying/empowering all at the same time. Of course, I then pulled a muscle in my butt doing squats and will probably have to take a week or so off, but it's my own fault. Maybe that will teach me not to get overzealous. Moderation, K. Moderation.

You guys, my classes are awesome this semester. We are reading amazing material and having engaging discussions and I feel myself growing and learning, and why is it that I'm more excited about school than I ever have been in my life when I only have three months left?? Hmph. And yes, I am that kid whose hand shoots up for every question and laughs at all the professor's lame jokes and sends a million e-mails with questions and turns everything in early. SHUT UP. I am a total and unapologetic teacher's pet, always have been.

Anyone watch The Bachelor? When the heck is Sean gonna see through Tierra's evil scheming? Can't stand that girl. I'm rooting for Leslie and/or Desiree.

Just in case I haven't yet succeeded in making you completely lose all respect for me, yesterday I was super flustered before leaving for class and only remembered to put in one earring. Didn't realize it until I was in one of my aforementioned amazing classes, being my aforementioned vocal self, making some insightful, innovative point in front of forty people. Whoops!


  1. I love that you've been enjoying weight lifting! I agree that it really does feel very empowering and that working your muscles like that feels really satisfying!

    How wonderful that you're feeling so engaged and enthusiastic about your classes! Really a nice way to wrap up your last semester! And don't feel bad, I'm also that teacher's pet, and I've been in school foreeeever. Guess that just sticks with a person. I'm sure the class was so wowed by what I bet was an amazing and thoughtful point, that they didn't even notice the naked earlobe :)

  2. Woot for lifting! I totally fell in love with this too and think it's especially good for people in recovery, to rediscover enjoying what your body can *do* when you take care of it properly. Way to go!

    It sounds like you're kicking ass left and right this semester, so glad your classes are going well!

    Don't feel bad about the earring. I once walked halfway to campus wearing two different shoes during finals. (just for the record, they were both blue and white New Balances, just from different pairs).