Sunday, August 18, 2013

By the Numbers

I am bored, nervous for orientation tomorrow, and have an hour to kill before I meet my friend C for coffee—so, some shameless time-wasting:

22 - My age, although according to my mood and the time of day I might feel either ten years older or ten years younger.

3 - Number of addresses I've had in the past year.

$9.25 - How much I get paid per hour. Yeah, totally not worth it. Shouldn't my very expensive bachelor's degree be worth a little more?

5'3" - My height.

8 - My shoe size. Shut up, I'm already self-conscious about it. 

5 - Number of piercings I have (all in my ears...I could never do bellybutton or tongue or anything).

14 - Number of doctors I've seen in the past year.

11 - Number of doctors who didn't do shit for me in the last year. I might be a little bitter.

1 - Number of phones I've dropped in the toilet.

$1,388 - The amount on the bill I just received from my insurance company for a recent round of blood work. Nice try, Insurance Company, but you are paying that.

3 - Number of times I've seen my dad cry: once when my brother was 8 and my dad accidentally slammed his fingers in the car door, once shortly after I was diagnosed with anorexia, and two weeks ago in the hospital.

XXX lbs - My weight. HA! Just kidding. #nottelling


  1. Be kind to yourself, and good luck with orientation. Here's hoping you'll be busy enough to start to feel better. Unsolicited advice: be as social/outgoing/as much of a joiner as possible in the earliest parts of school. I forced myself to do that in part 2 of my many layered grad program, and it made a huge difference for me vs. part 1 of grad school [different schools] where I never really got around to being social/friendly/felt extra isolated. I've moved twice this year too, and I'm so over it, but moving again in six months.

    I've seen 13 doctors in the past year, though I'd only say three of them were a waste of my time. All of the orthopedic variety. Including one who did $10K worth of testing, then immediately left for vacation, without sending me testing results and another who refused treatment until a serious complication of the condition in question resolved-- which of course, couldn't resolve until treatment was provided.

    And I dropped a phone in a gutter, which IMO is even grosser than a toilet...

    Also, i apparently can't sign in here via tumblr-- but:

    1. your advice is very much appreciated—my biggest regret of college was transforming from a happy, social, involved-in-everything freshman to a sick, lonely, minimize-life-involvement senior. Obviously some of that was unavoidable, but I really hate how much I isolated myself by the end. Moving does indeed suck, especially since I seem to accumulate more stuff with every new place! Hopefully now I'll be staying put for at least two years.

      Sheesh, you really have been around the block too with the doctor situation! it's appalling how terrible some can be, but so amazingly worth it when you find a good one. Best of luck recovering from your surgery! thanks so much for the link, I can't wait to read it.