Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hormonally Challenged: Zits, Cramps, Moods, and Boobs

I'm about to complain about something shallow and dumb, so, sorry. But WHY at 22 years old do I have worse skin than I did at 12? It's like my hormones went to sleep for ten years and suddenly decided to wake up and go fucking nuts. I don't have terrible acne or anything so I really shouldn't be whining about this, but it sucks to go schmooze at grown-up grad school events feeling like a preteen. I know that it must be related to weight-restoration and regaining my periods and all that, but gosh I'm over it. In fact, my skin had never been clearer than when I was underweight, restricting, and amenorrheic. Probably because my skin was super dry and unhealthy, but STILL. As soon as I started gaining weight and getting healthier, zits started happening. Really hoping this is one of those icky post-anorexia things that just takes waiting it out until everything regulates and settles down.

Other girly issues that haven't been a problem for me in years:

—CRAMPS. I used to think girls who bitched about cramps were exaggerating, because I never had bad ones as a teenager. In the last year, though, the week before my period is like getting slugged with a ton of bricks in my uterus.

—Moods. Again, never had PMS moodiness until my periods restarted last summer. Now, I turn into an emotional wreck twice a month: mid-cycle and right before my period. It has taken me a while to pick up on the pattern, since my moods are also very much related to my pain levels, which are ALSO very much related to my cycle, and there are a ton of other extenuating factors.

—Boobs. I've written about this before (and it remains one of my most-searched posts, you filthy pervs) but my body proportions have totally changed with weight-gain this time around: aka, I actually have boobs now. I've been a 32A my whole life until about six months ago when I abruptly went up a cup size.

Here's to Puberty: Round 2 wrapping up sometime in the near future. It was no fun the first time around, and WAY LESS FUN the second. At least I don't have to go through middle school again too.


  1. My mom gripes that she can't believe she has to use acne cream and wrinkle cream at the same time...on the plus side, the better-nourished you are, the faster you heal and the less likely you are to scar...

    I hear you on the cramps. I really don't think men can understand the sensation at all. How is it that women do all the menstrual pain, childbirth, bleeding for a week at a time, and are still called the "weaker sex"??? Men are pansies when it comes to pain/illness.

  2. Every last time I've weight restored I've come outta treatment a full cup size bigger than I was prior to relapse. It's really, really absurd.

    So I empathize.

    And I'm a huge fan of steady-dose of birth control to keep me from having mood swings, cramping, bloating, acne, migraines, etc.

    1. Amen on the birth control! I absolutely love the Pill, I have to say. I only do placebo week once every 3 packs (approved by doctor, of course).