Sunday, August 25, 2013

End of Summer Updates

Classes start this week, so I guess today is my last official day of summer. Tomorrow is going to be a doozy, between tutoring, work, big campus event, and meeting with a professor, but I think I've got the schedule figured out in a way that will be manageable, albeit will involve lots of driving in circles.

I almost called the cops on my neighbors yesterday—a bunch of fratty-frat undergrad boys have moved into the building adjacent to mine, and have taken to sprawling all over the communal front steps/entrance area, meaning that everyone in the complex can hear their rabble-rousing and has to climb over them to get in or out. In the end I decided to suck it up and let them have their fun for their first weekend in town...but rest assured that I have grown cranky in my old age and will NOT stand for this all semester.

damn kids

I have discovered the magic of heating pads. I don't know if this is from leaning over a computer all day or if I'm just prone to tight shoulders, but my neck/upper back/shoulder blade area is literally riddled with muscle knots—the kind where you could sit there and knead it with your fingers all day long to no avail. Sometimes my shoulders blades will randomly seize up with no warning and I have to hobble around like a hunchback until things crack back into place. Anyway, someone suggested that might be related to my headaches and that I should try a heating pad to loosen everything up. I've only used it once but oh lordy it feels good, even when it's 95 degrees out! Can't wait to curl up under that thing in the winter.


I made another appointment with Dr. A in October. The last time I saw him, it looked like things were pretty much under control and would just take time for the pain to subside. But, with everything that has happened this summer and with how I'm still feeling physically, plus with the fact that Big Northern City Doctor won't make space for me for another five months, I decided that I don't trust anyone with this stuff more than I trust Dr. A. Since the last appointment, I've been putting off calling him again because I didn't want to seem doubtful or needy or paranoid, but you know what, I'm a young person with a life I'd like to live, and the pain is still getting in the way of that. It's okay for me to decide that I Am Not Making It and still need help. If things miraculously improve in the next two months, then I'll cancel the appointment and get down on my knees thanking God that Dr. A was right all along and time really was the cure.

Okay, I've got some cleaning/reading/sun-soaking to do. Happy Sunday, everyone, and hope all the students are kicking off a great semester. 


  1. I hear you on the undergrad obnoxiousness--tis the season. Good move with letting them get it out of their systems a bit, but you definitely DON'T have to stand for it on a long-term basis. You pay for your space just like they do, and they shouldn't be allowed to invade it with their noise etc.

    I hear you on the heating pads/blankets. I don't think I'd ever survive a winter without them. I have a heated mattress pad that is mega-cozy.

    Good luck with the start of the semester; I'm excited for everything you have coming your way!

  2. highly rec this for back /scapular pain--

    Lucky for me, the undergrads aren't back at my campus yet, but your post makes me extra appreciative of the last few weeks of relative peace & quiet!

  3. Hope the silly frat boys quiet down soon! Yay for heating pads! I hope it continues to help!

    I think it was a good idea for you to schedule an appointment with Dr. A. I hope it helps! You deserve to be pain-free and happy!