Sunday, October 28, 2012

Other Stuff Happening in My Life

Who's ready for something besides me moping?? I really hate having so many negative posts in a row all over my blog. Sometimes I forget about the parts of my life that don't involve me crying, whining, writhing on the floor in misery, contemplating jumping out my second story window. But there are a few! Behold, fellow bloggers:

- I am an IDIOT and dropped my phone in the toilet the other day. Don't you fret, the toilet had not yet been used, but fishing it out was still pretty gross. My friend assured me that her phone had survived a similar plunge but alas, mine was totally fried. I ordered a new one but it won't get here until Tuesday. Sheesh, I never realize how dependent I am on my technology until it betrays me. My computer broke this summer and I was a wreck for the 24 hours it was in the shop. At least that one wasn't my fault, whereas the Phone Incident was just humiliating. I FORGOT IT WAS IN MY BACK POCKET. SUE ME. Did I mention I'm an IDIOT?

- I skyped with my parents earlier today. They are ridiculous. My brother and I always used to wonder what they would possibly do without us home to keep them busy, but we shouldn't have worried because Mama and Papa Bear have taken to the empty-nest situation just fine. My dad now fancies himself a semi-professional birdwatcher/nature photographer/Davy Crockett-type while my mom skips along beside him oohing and ahhing over the leaves and stuff. Literally every other day, my dad sends me photos of their outdoorsy exploits and I have to reply like "Oh wow, Dad, that's great, another brown bird." "Oh look, another one." "Hi Mom. Yes, the colors are very nice." Then they fight about politics, which is silly because I'm pretty sure they're on the same side. Then they make up and go to the movies.

- Oh my God, you guys, this one isn't funny at all but I almost killed a kid the other night. I was giving my friend a ride home from campus and I was so focused on trying to make a left turn into traffic that I didn't see the kid walking from the other direction on the crosswalk. (In my defense he did NOT have the walk signal.) So I started to pull out into the road and my friend flipped a shit. He is normally a really chill, calm guy, but apparently I freaked him out because he grabbed my arm and started yelling "KAYLEE THERE'S A KID CROSSING! WHAT'S YOUR PLAN? WHAT'S YOUR PLAN??" so I slammed on the brakes and thankfully the pedestrian was totally unharmed (and unaware, I'm pretty sure) although I think both my friend and I both suffered minor whiplash. Whoops!

- Not five minutes later, some imbecile driving a big SUV swerved into my lane and almost hit me. I had to pound on the horn and slam on the brakes again. By the time we got home, my poor friend was curled up in the passenger seat looking ready to puke, clutching his stomach and whimpering and trembling and stuff. Guys! Stop! I'm a really good driver! Shut up.

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  1. Never worry about what you consider "negative" posts; they are honest and real, and there's nothing wrong with that :)
    Your parents sound so cute! I love the fact that they send you the pics from their outdoor adventures.
    What a scary night out driving! I also hate when people cross against a walk signal. And not cool about the SUV!

    Hope you can get a new phone soon, and that your weekend has gone well!