Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moment of Crisis

Ugh, feeling so yucky and conflicted and FULL right now.

I blame the stupid Boost. Even if it is, like, nourishing my bod and keeping me alive or whatever.

Quick! Someone tell me I'm not fat!


  1. Kaylee I'm so sad to hear you're going through a tough time! I know you are not overweight because your doctors are trying to help you to gain weight! But even if you were 'fat' there is nothing bad about that. It is far worse to be mean, manipulative and shallow than it is to be fat, and it is far better to be kind, selfless and friendly than it is to be thin. Don't let yourself be dragged under. Take it a day, a meal, even an hour at a time. Focus on the important things, like love, rather than body size. You are worth so much more than your eating disorder.

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that things are rough. You're not fat--you're treating your body kindly, and your dietish is making sure that you're healthy. I know it's super tough to remember that when emotions get intense, but you're right--the Boost is keeping you alive and helping you to live a fuller, happier life. You deserve health and happiness! Hang in there, thinking about you!

  3. You are not fat, and regardless of that size doesnt affect all the coolest and most impressive things about you as a person, and there are many. This is hard and tiring but hang in there, you are doing AWESOME lately and are proving just how damn strong you are. It's okay to have a hard day, just don't mistake it for defeat. <3