Friday, March 2, 2012

A Bad Night

I don't have much to write, other than that I'm just having a really hard time today. Not sure if this is a result of A) coming off the medication or B) plain ole stress or C) just me being a wreck and a failure at life. Regardless of the reason, I'm literally falling apart tonight and I can't stop crying.

There's some scary health stuff going on with me right now that is freaking me out and getting me really down. That's making it hard to focus on anything. Plus, my roommate is out of town and I'm feeling pretty lonely and unhappy.

My life is full of amazing opportunities, but I get so bogged down about stuff that I can't see them. I'm a junior in college, I have everything ahead of me - why am I falling apart when everyone around me seems to have it all together?

I'M SO LAME. Really sorry for this one, I'll write more soon.


  1. No! You're not lame, you're awesome. It's ok to feel like you're falling apart because that's the only way you get a chance to put yourself back together. Things will get better because that's just how it works, promise xxx

  2. You're not lame. Here's a hug... and I hope the health issues work themselves out soon!