Monday, April 27, 2015

Fun Facts, Fifth Edition

Previous installments:

And now, ladies and gents, I bring you Fun Facts #5:

- In many ways, I am remarkably reliable. But in others....let's just say, I have lost or broken three water bottles, two travel mugs, three umbrellas, and a cell phone in the past two years.

- My bedtime routine is: glass of wine while watching TV, brush teeth, read a few chapters in bed, lights out.

- Right now I'm reading a novel about the Nigerian civil war...which I never would've picked up if I hadn't read this author's most recent book Americanah and been totally mesmerized.

check her out

- I have major puppy fever and major baby fever. Not sure which one is worse.

- My boss was sick today so I sneaked out 20 min early. SHHHH.

- I'm allergic to penicillin, but no foods as far as I'm aware.

- Still randomly a huge soccer fan. It's kind of amazing how quickly I adopted a team (Barcelona) and almost instantly, genuinely started hating their rivals (Real Madrid - they are literally horrible and don't deserve your support). Some of the psychologists out there will have theories to explain this. Whatever. Go Neymar! Go Messi! And go Luis Suarez, as long as you aren't biting people!

An unfortunate habit.
I think half the reason I like watching soccer games (or "football matches," as folks across the pond would say) is because the commentators usually have fantastic British accents and I'm totally charmed.

- The background picture on my laptop is the view from my dad's office.

- The three songs that currently get me up and bopping no matter where I am: Uptown Funk, Honey I'm Good, and GDFR. Sorry, I'm basic.

- I hate Sam Smith. How did he win so many Grammys?

- I love jewelry but the only piece I wear every single day is my watch. Earrings, rings, and bracelets rotate.

- My hair is long long long and super thick and is by far my favorite (physical) part of myself.

- My fingernails are currently painted Optimistic. They're starting to chip pretty badly, but it feels like tempting fate to take it off.

- On average, I probably only wear makeup three out of seven days. And typically only eyeliner, maybe mascara if I'm feeling ambitious or #fancy. I suck at putting it on.

- My only social media presence is Facebook because I am stuck in 2005. Should I get a Twitter? Instagram? Why? I don't really do anything exciting that merits photographs. Oh I also have Snapchat if that counts, but I only use it with like three people.

- My favorite holiday used to be Thanksgiving, but now I think it might be Easter.

- I would consider myself relatively far along in my ED recovery. Yet sometimes, still, I decide to eat an apple for dinner and get a sick rush from it.

- For the first time in about ten years, I think I can genuinely say I don't know my weight. I have a pretty good idea, but the actual number could be anywhere from XXX to XXX +/- 5-8lbs. And I am okay with it.

- My front teeth are crooked. Never had braces.

- I have never smoked a cigarette, but I have smoked weed. Not a fan.

- My drinks of choice are rum and Coke or wine. No beer, please. And I am too old to do shots.


- Can't believe I'm going to be 25 this year.

- By the time I'm 28, I will have only ever lived in two different states. Unfortunate consequence of staying at the same university for a bachelors, masters, and doctorate.

- In four years, you guys have to start calling me Dr. Kaylee. YOU HAVE TO.


  1. You have to get mavada-dry nail polish-- fast drying, keeps my nails from chiping for a full week-- and I'm hard on my nails! It's $14 but you only need a small amount and it seriously is the only way I can handle wearing nail polish for more than one day.

    I started drinking beer in my late twenties, and am now a super nerd/beer snob-- I show up at bars and ask if they have anything brewed with a specific (brettanomyces) strain of yeast.

    Also, am in love with jezebel's make up blog's feature on makeovers-- really v tempting to show up to a makeup counter and demand to be painted to look like a polished grown up. in the meantime, I settle for my monthly ipsy bags and play around occasionally but mostly never wear make up.

    1. You ARE a beer snob! But it makes me happy that an ex anorexic is more worried about the yeast strain than the calorie content.

  2. I love your fun fact posts! :)

    I love uptown funk and on days when i am dragging and so tired, I play that song while I am getting ready for work and it really helps!

    And I will totally call you Dr. Kaylee and we can bond over our love for soccer :)

    1. HAHAH awesome. I am looking forward to shutting people up by saying "trust me, I'm a doctor."

  3. I enjoyed this post! Sorry for my lack of presence the last few months. After my sister died, I quit reading other people's blogs (and you know I rarely post on mine these days too). I'll try to check in a little more often. :)

    Oh, and don't bother with Twitter.

    1. thanks E! glad to hear from you and no worries, hope you are taking care and hanging in there.