Friday, April 3, 2015

Coming Up For Air

Sorry to be quiet, folks - totally buried right now with work and traveling and decision making. I think I know in my heart where I will end up, and it's not where I had originally thought. And that change alone has me totally freaked out, but I think it's right for me. Sorry to be vague. I'm still processing all this myself. Even though this blog is anonymous, it feels important that certain significant people in my real life are in on the decision first.

So, I'm overwhelmed and stressed and terrified but so, so excited. All is good. Will update soon.

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  1. Picking a grad school is a big deal with so many things to weigh -- I got barely any sleep leading up to my final decision about both my Master's and my PhD programs. If it makes you feel any better, for my PhD I ended up choosing the program that I had near the bottom of my list at the beginning of applications. But in the end though I faced some pressures to go to seemingly more elite programs, it just felt right. And it was/is. For all of the struggles and doubts that a PhD entails, it is much, much easier if you go into a program for the right reasons (not because others think it was the most elite program even though it wasn't the best fit, not because you feel locked into going to the one that you thought you would pick but then had doubts about, etc). I made the wrong choice about programs for my MS and it made me learn the hard way (of course) to trust my gut feelings about the PhD choice, which I did, and am so absolutely glad. Good luck, trust your gut feelings, and congrats on having good options to choose between! Any program would be lucky to have you.