Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life Cliffs Notes

- Finished my internship hours today. Hallelujah, thank you lord. My department took me out to lunch and they gave me the choice of where to go... which should have made things simple and easy. But somehow, mostly due to me being indecisive and noncommittal and wanting to be accommodating and please everyone, we ended up at a Mexican restaurant which is like the hardest, least-safe cuisine EVER. Like, there is no way to find something safe when the menu sections are called "Enchiladas," "Burritos," "Tamales," and "Flautas." No. Way. But I survived. I have assigned that meal a calorie count in my head (which may or may not be accurate, but it makes me feel better to give it a number, which helps me put it in perspective and organize the rest of my day) and am mostly moving on unscathed. Oh, and also it was sweet of them to take me out to lunch and I actually did have a nice time. So there's that.

- Followed up with a meeting with my advisor. Basically I was a little in over my head with my analyses and just needed someone to sit down and walk me through it. Feeling much better about it all, but somehow my to-do list has doubled.

- Presenting at a conference tomorrow. Not prepared. Nothing to wear.

- Also have class presentations next Tuesday and Thursday, and then all of my academic obligations for my masters will be officially fulfilled. *fist bumps all around*

- I've spent the past couple days cobbling together work to get me through the summer until my PhD funding kicks in. I can stay at my current job at the research center through July, and my advisor can probably get me on a grant. Fingers crossed this all pans out and provides enough money to keep me from becoming homeless before August.

- Mama Bear and I are trying to plan a trip somewhere this summer - ideally somewhere out west that is not too hot and sticky and involves beautiful hiking and maybe some historical stuff. My first thought was to pull a Bachelor and do the Badlands but I worry it'll be super duper kitsch and touristy. Anyone been there? Any other suggestions?

- Otherwise my summer plans are totally scattered. I'll obviously need to be here to work for a while, but a lot of my work I can do from home (or anywhere, as long as I have my laptop) and I want to take advantage of having a relatively open few months until the PhD gauntlet begins. One project I want to tackle is decorating my apartment, like really setting down some roots and make the place feel like home rather than another temporary stop on the never-ending education journey.

- I bought a new nail polish color today called Optimism. Seems promising, right?

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