Sunday, April 26, 2015

Almost Summer Days

With my internship done and classes winding down, I almost don't know what to do with myself these days!! Not really, since I still have a fair amount of non-school research of my own to be doing, but it's nice to not be on such a rigid schedule packed to the brim with classes, work shifts, meetings, and deadlines.

I had a nice Friday - work for a bit, lunch with a friend, and putting together an abstract due next week. A good chunk of Saturday was spent at the Apple Store; my beloved Macbook Pro finally kicked the bucket after five good years together. He had been gradually going downhill for a while (running slower, freezing up a lot, trackpad got less sensitive, etc.) but did not become truly unusable until the other day when half the keys stopped working. So I took him in and discovered that he would probably need a new track pad, keyboard, logic board, and hard drive... My appointed Genius offered to send him out for a full workup and new parts, but ultimately we decided that pouring $700 into a five-year-old laptop was probably not worth it. YAY NEW COMPUTER!! Except that has anyone bought a new Mac recently? Jesus Christ. Let's just say my tax refund is now gone. I got a beautiful Macbook Air that is super sleek and hot and fly and fresh, and way cheaper than Pros (my dad bought my last computer so cost was not on my mind, apparently). And although I am not fully recovered from the trauma of seeing my checking account drop that many hundreds of dollars in one fell swoop, I do love her.

I love you already!

Obviously the rest of my Saturday was spent downloading various software packages and playing around with my new toy. I went out with a friend later but it was pretty low key, and I was home by 11ish. Somehow still stayed up until 2am though....

Today a friend from out of town was visiting College City, so we got lunch and went to this street festival downtown. It was PERFECT weather and mostly we just played with the puppies from the Humane Society rather than doing any of the artsy cultural stuff. Then I got coffee and spent the rest of the afternoon in the computer lab tearing my hair out trying to figure out why I can't make my data do anything it is supposed to do.

Looking forward to NOT having class tomorrow and NOT having to go downtown for a shift at my internship afterward! Hope everyone's having a swell weekend, love to you all.

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