Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Redemption via Fun Facts

Because you guys have been super good sports about letting me vent about HOW HARD IT IS TO HAVE TWO FANCY SCHOOLS OFFERING ME MONEY AND AN EDUCATION, and because I'm a dork and feel like being silly, and because I have a presentation and a paper due in twelve hours and THUS I have time to be blogging right now, I thought I'd cut the negativity and share some fun facts about my life.

- One of my professors is preggers. Like, really preggers. She's due in June but wasn't really showing before spring break, and then we came back to class last week and WHOA her belly had popped. She told us a cute story about how her two-year-old daughter is super excited to be a big sis and keeps asking "IS THE BABY COMING TODAY? IS THE BABY COMING TODAY?" And she's Chinese, so you know Professor S makes cute kiddos.

- I refilled my water bottle four times today and as a result, peed every 25 minutes. Then I got coffee and peed some more.

- Still obsessed with The West Wing. 

- But thrilled to see that there are new episodes of Mad Men on Netflix.

- Perchance TMI, but I am on the cusp of Consecutive Period #9. My cycle hasn't been this consistent since high school. Maybe when it's been a full year I'll stop giving you monthly updates on my reproductive cycle. Maybe.

- Prospective Grad School #1 gave me a sweet pen with my admissions packet and I'm trying not to let that sway my decision.

- A couple months ago, I was at the pharmacy in College City and the kid in line before me didn't have enough money to buy everything he needed. He was like 90 cents short, and got totally embarrassed and flustered. The line behind us was getting out of control, so I handed him a dollar to cover it. Then the cashier came out from behind the counter and gave me a hug and said "God bless you" and told me I was a good person. It completely made my day. Anyway, that same cashier is always working, so whenever I'm at the store he greets me like I'm the pope and gosh darn it, that adorable old man is a sweetheart.

- I need more blogs to read! Any suggestions?


  1. i don't know why but i always love when people write random facts for blog posts - i feel a closer connection to them in a way. and i am glad that you can write silly facts despite all the hecticness going on lately. Just remember to believe in yourself (cause there are a lot of people out here who believe in you) and be gentle with yourself because you deserve it! : )

    1. I love reading fun facts too! Sometimes random little tidbits are the best way to get to known someone. Plus they're super fun and easy to write, so a great way to blog when I have nothing profound to say ;)

      Also, you are the sweetest—I'm always rooting for you too!

  2. Love the random, fun facts! The cashier at the pharmacy sounds so precious! Take care, and good luck with all of the exciting things going on for you!