Friday, March 8, 2013

Travel Recap, More Updates to Come

Whoops, forgot to mention that I'd be home on spring break through next week. Yesterday was an eventful travel day, to say the least... First, I had an exam at 10am which ended up not being super hard but the lead-up was majorly stressful. I have been hit with THE SENIORITIS and studying was like pulling my own teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers. (Wow, where did that image come from?) Anyway, after the exam, I met my friend for lunch on campus before running home to pack/panic/clean maniacally because what better activity to perform during a pre-travel time crunch than scrubbing the bathroom? I DON'T KNOW EITHER.

Then my uncle was late picking me up to leave for the airport so I spent the ride there fighting off carsickness and anxiety-induced nausea. Security was was a mess, so I spent a few minutes hyperventilating and wondering if I could get the TSA agents to let me jump the line. But then it turned out to be a whole lotta hurry-up-and-wait because about halfway through the line, I got an e-mail alert on my phone that my flight had been delayed. Cue two hours of sitting/pacing/texting. This was also all especially stressful because I had specifically planned to come home Thursday night for my follow-up appointment with Dr. A on Friday. He's out of town next week (my official spring break) and I'll be back in College City (several states away) by the time he gets back, so Friday was literally the only day I'd be able to see him before the summer. So if my flight was canceled and I had to miss my appointment, I'd be majorly screwed.

But alas, my flight took off about ninety minutes late and was relatively uneventful. When I finally landed in Home City, it was snowing pretty hard and the drive back to my parents' house was slow-going. We finally got home just after 11pm, but I couldn't fall asleep until about 1...which was especially unpleasant considering I had to wake up around 5:30 the next morning to drive my dad to the train station.

Thankfully, I did make it home, did manage to wake up on time, and did manage to stay on track with my eating the whole day. Like I said, I'd stopped for lunch with a friend and got CHEESE on my sandwich (fats are good! even animal fats! take that, Nutritionist!), munched on a snack in the airport security line, ate the sandwich dinner I'd packed on the plane, and even had another little snack once I got home because it had been hours since I'd last eaten and I was famished. I remember so, so many travel days in the past spent trudging through the airport STARVING and foggy and utterly exhausted because I would set these arbitrary limits of what/when/how much I could eat, and would watch other people chowing down on soft pretzels and candy and wondering why the hell I couldn't be like them.

Anyway, that was my day of transit. I've got lots to tell about my appointment with Dr. A this morning, but this post is long and rambly enough so I'll cut myself off here. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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