Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random Sunday Tidbits

Things are just kind of chugging along, nothing huge happening other than a bad case of senioritis and that major life decision looming ahead of me. I did manage to get the commitment deadline pushed back at both schools, so I'm not under as much of a time crunch anymore, thank goodness.

Did anyone watch "Gilmore Girls" back when it was on? I've been told "You're just like Rory!" three times in the past week. I think it might have something to do with my grad school pros/cons spreadsheet and the attached page of color-coded notes. I suppose it's an improvement to be obsessively recording something other than food and calories.

On the food front, I'm pretty sure it's official: the weight-lifting is totally responsible for my massive appetite increase. Things had settled down over the past 2-3 weeks when I laid off the workouts, but I've since gone twice this week and holy moly I'm starving. Guess it's time for some more of these:


I think I mentioned this before, but I really am trying so hard to up my fat intake. I've heard over and over from ED doctors how important it is for my bones and stuff, but only in the past year or so have I learned the effects that fat has on other stuff—for me, specifically, my eyes and hormone levels.

In related news, it is becoming more and more clear every passing month that PMS wreaks havoc on my mood. As a teenager, I never really had the cramps, moodiness, zits, or any other stereotypical symptoms. I used to roll my eyes at girls who complained about them because I thought they were full of bull. Looks like I owe them all a big apology, because gosh darn it if the anorexia and weight restoration haven't totally reset my system. For the past few months like clockwork, despite a drastically improved mood overall, I descend into a two- or three-day-long emotional crisis leading up to my period. I call my mom in tears. I get crampy and cranky and icky feeling. I question the point of life. Also MY BOOBS HURT. It's like the most cliché thing ever but totally true. This, this, and this were all written in hormonally-induced hazes. Ugh, I'M SUCH A GIRL.

One of my best friends came over last night to chit-chat and split a bottle of wine (except that we suck and destroyed the cork and weren't actually able to retrieve any of said wine from the bottle) and creep on people we hate on Facebook. It was all very high school-ish, actually, but it was raining so we didn't want to go out, and we ending up having a great time. Today I'm looking out the window scratching my head wondering how the heck there can be snow coming down when it's almost April. It's seriously like the freaking tundra out there.

I think this post was an exercise in stream-of-consciousness. Welcome to my mind!

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  1. Your mind is an interesting place to visit... Wine part killed me