Monday, January 28, 2013

Sinking Feeling

I guess I can't expect every day to be a good one, but it really felt like I was getting past the scary dark depression that had me down for so many months. Today I had to fight tears for the first time since early December. (All fall, I was crying multiple times a day, every day.) Things have been a LOT better lately, and it felt like I had finally shaken off the worst of it. But today I got that familiar lump in my throat and that yucky horrible feeling in my head and my stomach, and pleaseGodplease don't let me be falling down this hole again.


  1. :( Sorry that it was a down day for you. Hang in there, remember that the only upside to being in a dark tunnel is that there WILL be a light at the end. Can you think of any reason you might have felt like this today? Anything from gray weather to something that happened in class, or something else? There doesn't always have to be a reason, of course.

    Hang in there, much <3

  2. You are doing great, it's going to be okay. Stick with the basics; keep your thoughts good and take care of yourself.
    I envy your progress and the strength you have built through it. I know you can make it through <3
    Peace to you tonight dear xx

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry it was a tough day. Let me know if you need anything. Tomorrow is a brand new day, so I hope it goes better than today! Take care, and I hope it gets brighter!

  4. Hey Kaylee, I hope you're feeling a bit better now. Do you know of things in the past that have helped when you've felt like this?