Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post-Visit Update

Hi all—just saw my friend off at the airport this morning after a wonderful visit. We spent a couple days in Big City to sightsee and visit my daddy's office, went to the aquarium and the zoo, ate Thai food with my other bff from high school, baked bread, and watched the Bachelor premiere last night. Of course I am now woefully behind on my thesis, but whatever. It was totally worth it.

I did absolutely fucking fantastic with food, if I do say so myself. Some culinary highlights of the past week: shrimp gumbo, shortbread cookies, a burger and fries, a tuna salad sandwich, and several slices of the aforementioned home-baked bread. I don't know if it's being home or just getting more comfortable with this weight and diet or whatever, but I feel way more relaxed about food than I have in a long time. My friend even mentioned that she'd noticed it, especially after witnessing me struggle through the obsessive phases for so long.

Just in case you all think my life is roses and rainbows, I suppose I should mention that the pain is still a pretty major and debilitating and disheartening issue, but I have so much more hope that things will get better and I'm super motivated to take care of myself and stay healthy. Even if it means staying (shiver) at this weight... I think. Also my eyes still feel great, which has had a HUGELY positive impact on my mood and overall outlook on life.

I can't believe this is my last week of break. The vacation has flown by this year, maybe because I'm having such a wonderfully relaxing time. My dad and I totally bonded over the past couple weeks, which is nice as we've always butted heads in the past. Oh! And I also got my period for the sixth consecutive month, right on schedule, so that was pretty exciting. Especially with it being right after Dr. A stressed the importance of maintaining my cycle.

I haven't really made any New Year's resolutions yet. Things are going pretty darn well overall compared to most of the past year, so I'd just be happy to keep that up for a while. I suppose my major goals would be to keep up the kick-ass eating habits, maintain my weight, be a nicer and less selfish person, and finish this darn thesis.

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  1. It's great that you had such a wonderful time! It's also really awesome that you were so adventurous about food and felt more comfortable with it. I really admire how brave you are in continuing to fight everyday and challenge yourself.

    I really hope the pain starts to ease, hopefully soon! Great that you've had such a good time with your family also. Really great stuff!