Friday, January 25, 2013

Thinking About a Change

Got some stuff on my mind right now. Nothing bad or particularly stressful or scary, just stuff going on that needs to be handled.

I'm about ready to call it quits with R. It's just not working. I've waffled on this for a long, long time (sorry!) but now I don't really feel like there's much of a choice anymore. My thoughts aren't organized enough for me to give a full explanation yet, but I will soon, and will keep you posted on what's happening in that regard.

Our session today was going okay, until we got to a point in our conversation when I had to stop him and say: "Please don't laugh. I don't think that's funny." Not getting into specifics at the moment, but suffice it to say that I was terribly offended by the way he reacted to something that I said. Something that was honest, and real, and not in any way comical.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to start shopping around for a new therapist when I'm only going to be in College City for a few more months (probably, depending on the Grad School situation, which is yet to be determined...) but I'm also not exactly confident enough in my emotional stability to go therapy-less until next fall, or whenever I get settled in whichever city I end up. So, my only reluctance is related to giving up the stability of current Treatment Center for the remainder of my time here.

Lots to think about, I guess. Stay tuned.

And to everyone who read my last post and made me feel like a champion at life, YOU ROCK.


  1. It's so tough to make the decision to leave a therapist. I know you haven't outlined it all here, but you are a very intelligent woman and I don't think you have entered this decision lightly. It is really disconcerting that he acted so unprofessionally when you were being so honest and open during a session.
    I agree that it might not be best to go therapy-less until fall, but if this relationship is beginning to be detrimental to your recovery, I definitely suggest you find something else, even if it's just for a few months.
    Hang in there!

  2. Between this (Really HORRIBLE) interaction with him, and the trouble with his religion/BC comments, I think you're absolutely right to make a change. If he doesn't make you feel like you can be 100% honest without fear of judgment or an inappropriate reaction on his part, then it's probably not going to keep you moving forward in your recovery. I really hope you're able to find the support you need--I really believe it's out there! You've come so far with your health and outlook, I wouldn't want to see anything jeopardize that. Take care!