Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's Working Today

Just seems like one of those days where shit is going right. Aren't those the best?

What's working:

- My laptop. After a night in the Apple Hospital, he (yes, he's a he and his name is DeShawn) seems to be doing much better and I am OMG SO GRATEFUL to have him back.

- My new wallet. I love her more and more every day. (Yes, I think she is a she. Name suggestions are welcome.) We are basically taking on the world together, flashing plastic, making it rain. After extensive Googling to make sure this wouldn't give her skin cancer, I polished her with the same leather cleaner I use on my boots so now she is extra shiny and fly and fresh.

- My nail polish, which is the color of toasted almonds. No seriously, the color is called "Toasted Almond." And I think it's working for me.

My fingertips are red because my body lacks the ability to circulate blood
all the way to the ends of my weirdly long digits. Don't judge. I was born this way.

- My schedule. After losing a few rounds of that Tetris game, I finally managed to fit everything in and now it seems to be running smoothly. Of course there is no room for the instant something unexpected hits (car trouble, doctor's appointment, whatever) it will probably all come crashing down around me, but for now I'm gonna go with it.

- Therapy. Just had another great session with my beloved Dr. P. Things seem to go better when I'm actually engaged and participating, who woulda thunk? We talked about the pattern my moods seem to follow, and found some ways to deal. If I end up moving away from College City this summer, I will be SO sorry to leave Dr. P.

- My future, maybe? I just got invited to interview with one of the PhD programs I applied to! I am SO excited! This place is probably not one of my tippy top choices, but it's still up there. This feels like a good omen.


- The weather. Sun is shining + temperature above freezing = not too shabby for mid-January in College City.

- Knock on wood, things are still going pretty well in the health arena. Little-to-no nerve pain, eyes are fine, jeans don't seem any tighter than last week.

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