Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gearing Up

I got back to College City last night after a relatively uneventful flight, aside from sitting next to this uber hipster guy (black skinny jeans, plaid shirt, shaggy beard, wool cap, big glasses, and writing a PLAY in a moleskin notebook) who kind of smelled and got Nature Valley crunchy bar crumbs everywhere, plus airplane seats now make my back hurt because I am old and fat and on my period. Other than that, I had a grand time listening to podcasts (Radiolab is a new fav) and reading my Debbie Downer book about the Dust Bowl. My friend gave me a ride home, where I found my kitchen in a state of disarray (probably because I left in a hurry two weeks ago at 4:00 AM). I sort of cleaned (a.k.a. dumped all the rotten food from my fridge into the dumpsters out back), paid some bills, and made a grocery run/bought a new sweater (what, there's an Old Navy next to the grocery store).

Today I'm back at work - lots to do but I'm totally bored and don't feel like doing any of it. I'm having lots of thoughts - about parents, growing up, food/exercise/ED stuff, therapy, doctors, school, work, life....but I don't know how to organize it all. Things are kind of hard right now; it's mostly because of my weight, but I don't think I can be articulate about it today. So I'll spare you for the time being. Instead, I'm trying to get myself back into the School/Work mindset. I'm working at one job today and Thursday, my other job Wednesday and Friday, and doing work for my advisor in the evenings. After two works of accomplishing basically nothing, I'm still not feeling quite up to it.

This semester should be a little less intense in terms of coursework (famous last words....) but my research is really going to ramp up, and I'll being putting in more hours at my internship. So the balance of tasks will shift a little, but overall I will probably be swamped to a similar degree as last semester. On the plus side, I won't be working on PhD apps, which turned into this enormous beast of a project...instead, I'll be getting admissions decisions and (assuming I get into anywhere, much less more than one place....) visiting schools. Not sure how that's going to fit into the Tetris game that is my schedule, but no use worrying now.

Anyways, just popping in/killing time at work. Happy Tuesday to all, hope everyone's settling back into post-holiday real life well.

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