Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lazy Vacation

I have just a couple of days at my parents' house until I head back to College City for my LAST SEMESTER OF MY MASTER'S DEGREE, HALLELUJAH. Can you guys answer me a question: are all Master's programs life-sucking vortices of stress and misery? 
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Not sure, I've never done a Master's
(d) Leave me alone, I'm currently being enveloped by a life-sucking vortex of stress and misery
(e) Can't hear you over the roar of this life-sucking vortex of stress and misery
(f) You think this is bad? Wait until you try a PhD.
(g) I found my Master's program to be a breeze.

If you chose option (g), please stop reading my blog. Your company is no longer desired.

To be fair, I actually have really enjoyed parts of my program and overall it has been a valuable experience. Without it, I never would have met my kick-ass advisor or developed a passion for my current area of research. Gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose.

It seems like the change of scenery and family time has been good for my mindset—pulling me out of that scary depression that had been descending in the couple weeks before I left. It's always nice to have parents spoiling you and no responsibilities. I swear, I have never felt so lazy in my life. There is some work hanging over my head, but I haven't felt like doing a durn thing. I spent a couple hours one afternoon working on a paper my advisor and I hope to get out soon, but the ratio of work to Facebooking/blogging/news-checking/dicking around on the Internet was about 10:90. So the paper is not done. Do I care? A teensy bit, but not really. It'll get done when it gets done, right?

feelin' lazy

I have been trying to just relax, take some pressure off, and enjoy myself. My hometown is kind of woodsy and quiet, so I've been exploring some of the parks and trails around here, just soaking up the peacefulness and appreciating nature. We went to see Unbroken last weekend, which was amazing but super intense and violent. Oh and of course, I've been reading like a fiend. I finished that epic biography of cancer, plus The Devil in the White City, which is this ridiculous true crime story about a serial killer who stalked the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago—definitely one of those "stranger than fiction" thingies...dude was CRAZY. Now I'm starting The Worst Hard Time about the Dust Bowl during the Depression. No, I don't know why I only seem to be interested in dark, disturbing, depressing historical events.

I don't think it has a happy ending.

No real plans tomorrow; my mom and I were hoping to go on a hike, but the weather is supposed to be bad. This time last year we were engulfed in the polar vortex, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much about one icky day.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, my best to all.


  1. Studying Economics sucks too, although I wouldn't choose anything else at this point of my life. I'm scared what will happen when exams start but now I fortunately have time to read and watch movies.

    1. I'm in the same boat - I complain about school all day long but in the end, I am studying exactly what I want to be....must keep that in mind when the stress hits!

  2. Sounds like you've had a nice break and the chance to recharge!

    I would go with answers a and f. In terms of workload, my MS was easier than PhD (sorry to say), but I was also in a super toxic environment for my MS, so that made it soul-suckingly miserable. My PhD environment was much healthier and thus made it more enjoyable, even though I was working 80 hours a week. Also, classes matter less during the PhD, so that helps.

    I hope your second semester goes more smoothly! Sounds like you had a ton going on first semester. Hang in there!

    1. oh great, so I have 80-hour workweeks in my future!! haha... I think what gets me most about this masters program is the fact that there is so much "extra" stuff - mostly the internship hours. The coursework is not as demanding as my undergrad, there's just more of it and less time to do it. I think what I am most looking forward to about finishing this program is getting the chance to focus more thoroughly on one area rather than getting pulled in a million directions.