Thursday, November 13, 2014

Procrastination (Not My Own...)

Seven PhD apps submitted, four to go! More than halfway! But OF COURSE while I am busting my ass over here getting all these things together for the December deadlines, my recommenders are totally being LAME and SLOW, so I have those big fat red messages next to their names on eleven different websites: Letter not started. Perfecto, thanks guys! This is really doing great things for my anxiety! I'm not even freaking out a little bit!

Well, that is not completely fair because two of my four recommenders have submitted their letters with plenty of time to spare. OF COURSE it is the two women professors who are being responsible and timely, while the two dudes are procrastinating to the fullest extent of their abilities. One of them is my advisor J, so I am perfectly happy to beat down his door and hold his children hostage until he submits my letter, but Big Man Dr. M is a total celeb professor and he is famous and he scares me! Plus, his kids are grown-ups so it would be harder to kidnap them for ransom. But, desperate times. If anyone wants to lend some muscle and/or has kidnapping experience, holler at me.

I am kidding about the hostage-taking. Don't arrest me.

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  1. Congrats on being past halfway! Very frustrating that two of the people you need letters from aren't quite on the ball about it. Fingers crossed that they get it together soon and write your glowing letters! Good luck!