Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rambly Ramblings

Hi all—hope it's been a stupendous weekend all around. I am still working on the best way to rearrange my schedule to keep things sane, but no matter what happens, I really need to be better abut managing my anxiety and keeping my life under control. I've really neglected the little stuff, like cooking dinner every night, getting to bed by midnight, reading in the mornings, and writing in my journal. It seems like I spend more and more time on my computer sending e-mails, poring over data, or working on school stuff. And then when I'm not on the computer, I'm on my phone texting, e-mailing, and checking the news. Sometimes all the tech time feels like living in some sort of alternate reality. But it also feels like if I don't keep up with things as they come, I'll just fall more and more behind.


On the positive side of things, I am nowhere near restricting or anything and my mood is still relatively stable and good. I get frustrated and exhausted and irritable at the end of a long shift or day, but seem to bounce back pretty quickly. In general I feel normal and resilient. And like myself, which is weird, because I really wasn't feeling like myself for a long time last year; I was this empty, sad shell who had no interest in anything because nothing felt worth it. Now, it's like I want to do so much that I can't fit it all in. Stressful, yes, but also more in line with my natural personality.

I had a pretty lame weekend in that I didn't really do anything fun, but I was super productive both yesterday and today, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished about all the work I got done. I just got off the phone with my dad, who is helping me do my taxes. Turns out I'm even poorer than I thought! But at least I should get a big fat refund check.

Also helps that the weather has started to warm up a tiny bit in College City. I mean, it's no Sochi or anything, but at least it's not completely arctic anymore. Speaking of, anyone else watching the Olympics? I've been totally into the snow sports—skiing and snowboarding—mostly, with a little speed skating but watching those races just makes me claustrophobic. You would think they'd make the track a little bigger, given how fast they're moving. But anyway. One thing I will never watch is curling. I just don't get it.


Sooo, I've got a men's super G to watch. Happy Sunday, everyone. Be healthy and safe and warm!

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  1. I'm really glad you're recognizing the power of the "little" stuff, that really becomes big stuff when neglected! It's so awesome that you feel like yourself, and can bounce back from tough days. What a blessing that is! And I know you've worked really hard to get to this place. Glad you had a good weekend and are enjoying the Olympics!