Monday, September 30, 2013

Grumpity Grumps

Yuck. What a Monday. Not sure why this is, but I'm feeling sleepy and headachey and icky. It's too early for winter colds, isn't it? Maybe the school stress is starting to catch up with my body - I've been going NONSTOP for the past six weeks, so my bod may have just decided to take a break and be Grumpy McGrumpsters for a while.

This is how I feel.

Speaking of grumpsters, DAMN ALL THE POLITICIANS. I was sitting in for my boss on a conference call with the CDC earlier today, and the main topic of conversation was how the fuck are people supposed to do their jobs and make a living if the government shuts down? I think everyone in Congress needs to take a course in conflict resolution or something, or Compromise 101, or How Not to Lose Your Temper and Throw a Tantrum Whenever You Don't Get Your Way 101.

That aside, we need health care reform. Desperately. Just sayin'.

Anyways, as there was no purpose for this post beyond whining, I thought I would end on a happy note. The weather is beautiful, next week should be a lot calmer than this week, and the week after that I get to go home and hang with my mom and pop.

Most importantly, there is a new episode of Homeland waiting for me when I get home. So really, life can't be all that bad.

Okey doke, now I'm off to find some coffee. Three hours of work to go...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry it was a yucky day. I loved the link though, so thanks for posting it! Glad things will be calming down soon, and that the weather is good!

    And I agree about the politics. Seriously, elementary school lessons here. Pretty sure I was a Conflict Manager, which meant little more than wearing a yellow vest and trying to stop fights on the playground, but I'm fairly certain we were more effective than what's going on now :/

    Hope your Tuesday is better!