Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wisdom Teeth and Things

Well, it looks like I'm going to get my wisdom teeth out ASAP. I finally caved and went to the dentist yesterday afternoon and she told me my gum was "alarmingly swollen." Whoops. Trying to decide how to fit this in—I'll be done with classes/papers/exams in about two weeks, and then have two weeks free before graduation, so I suppose I should try to schedule the surgery then. Hopefully there won't be any complications and I'll still have plenty of time for senior year festivities, packing up my stuff, and moving into my new place on May 15.

I went for a run this morning, and am still taken aback by how out of shape I am. I used to run forever without getting tired, and now I can barely make it 10-15 minutes without my chest burning and feeling like I've done a full-out sprint and might literally DIE. I suppose that's to be expected, since I've gone basically cardio-less for over a year, but it's still pretty humbling. That being said, it's probably good that my body opts out before I'm able to get too much intense exercise in, since I'm not really supposed to be doing much cardio to begin with. My homework from Dr. P was to check out Pilates this week—one of my friends and I used to take a class occasionally at the gym at home one summer and I really liked it, but haven't done it since.


Anyway, I swear I'm not overdoing the exercise. I've also pretty much stopped weighing myself, which is HUGE for me. I have a Word doc on my computer documenting my daily weight (sometimes twice daily) since 2009, but have weighed myself maybe three times in the past month. And yes, this is partly because my weight is currently higher than it was for most of the past four years and I hate seeing the numbers, but also because I've accepted that this is simply the way things need to be. I know that I'm not overeating, I'm taking care of myself, putting my health first, and whatever my weight decides to do cannot be a deterrent. YOU GUYS, WHO AM I? Look at me, being all rational.

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  1. So much going on in the next month! I really hope you get relief from the wisdom teeth pain soon, and that the removal is smooth sailing!

    I've wondered about Pilates, you'll have to share what you think (if you like!).

    The lack of weighing is MAJOR!!!! I am so thrilled for you that you've broken the habit and have a much healthier attitude about it! You've come so far from that Word document, and it's absolutely amazing and inspiring. You rock, lady!