Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pre-Therapy Update

Ouchies, I have a sore throat AND a sore wisdom tooth. Advil's helping some, but swallowing cereal this morning was no fun. Is this retroactive mono? I don't think I have a fever or anything, and don't really feel sick other than the sore throat and sleepiness. Anyway, what's really weird is that I didn't have a cold for several years while underweight and restricting in ED Land. But now that I am weight restored and eating a complete, balanced diet, I've had three major colds in the last six months. WEIRD. My dad has a theory that your body knows not to get sick during times of stress, and then once the high-stress period has passed, your immune system lets down its guard. Papa is no doctor (well, he has  Ph.D. so I suppose he's technically Dr. Papa but in a very un-medical field) but backs up his cockamamie theories with anecdotes about how he used to always get sick the week after exams in high school and college.

Anyway, just popped some more ibuprofen so hopefully this burning throat will ease up soon. And I promise not to spread any mono germs through the keyboard.

Holy hell this semester is going by quickly. Graduation is a month from today. It's kind of hard to grasp how much my life has changed over the last year, and will continue to change over the coming months—hopefully for the better. One of my professors sent me the sweetest e-mail ever the other night saying how much she loved having me in class and how excited she was for me to be going into my chosen field (not the same field as my undergrad major, but related). So that totally made my night and got me even more pumped to get out there and do things.

I'm seeing Dr. P later this morning, and really want to talk about some of the fears I've been having. Hopefully on the agenda:
— geting myself in the best possible headspace for moving out on my own
— setting up the right kind of support/social system
— staying the course with eating/weight (my body image is...not so good right now)

So, I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! Are your glands swollen? Could that be causing the sore throat issues? That was a major problem for me when I had mono and made me super uncomfortable and miserable. They were like giant rocks on my neck--yuck. Hope you feel better soon! Interesting theory from Dr. Papa, seems to make sense though!

    Really great that your professor saw your amazingness and shared that with you!

    Hope the appointment with Dr. P was helpful--seems like important things that you were bringing up. Hope the body image improves! Very proud of you for sticking with healthy behaviors despite feeling yucky :)

    1. hey Alie—yes, my glands are pretty swollen although I've been taking ibuprofen around the clock and that seems to help, along with drinking lots of water. Crazy to hear that you had mono in college also, I've had TONS of friends who did too—mostly freshman year because that's when everybody's the grossest and shares drinks and makes out with random people, haha. (Not me! Never!)