Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Assorted TMI and Life

Note to self: blog readers like boobs. My last post got more pageviews than I've had in a while. Good to know...

I am officially being a Needy Patient and leaving a second message for Dr. A today, since it's been almost two weeks since my last one. The voicemail message clearly says "Do NOT leave multiple messages" but I think it's safe to say I've waited a courteous length of time, no?

Gross question: has anyone ever gotten chafing on their legs after gaining weight? It's the weirdest thing, never had it before in my life, but suddenly wearing shorts feels like it's rubbing the insides of my thighs raw. I've been using lotion and stuff, but ew. Sometimes bodies really suck.

So, with all that TMI out of the way, you know how I've been all like woo weight gain is good, my body is all womanly and smokin'? Well, that's still true, mostly, but let's just say that trying on my old shorts this week majorly tested my resolve. Let's also just say that I need to do some shopping.


Not the way I had envisioned starting my post-grad savings account, but oh well. Girl's gotta have clothes. Speaking of savings, I am hoping to get a paid research position at one of the centers run by my graduate program this summer, fingers crossed it works out and so that I'll actually have a paycheck lined up! Hopefully I'll hear about that within the next week or so, along with signing a lease, and submitting my grad school deposit. I'd really like to start planning my summer in terms of where I'll be living, working, and NOT being sick.


  1. http://www.bodyglide.com/ will be your best friend.

    It's made for endurance runners, because gah everyone who runs a marathon will get some serious friction, but I bet it'd work for regular inner thigh-ness too. And if you're not feeling the friction, maybe it'll make you less hyper-aware of the change in body size?

    Bonus: This is amazing for preventing blisters in heels and other cute yet unbroken in shoes.

  2. Just think--it's a great excuse to get super cute new shorts! I also have to say, I think your attitude about it is awesome! Although it was challenging, it seems like you're still hanging in there and sticking with health. Kudos to you!

    I second the bodyglide comment, I used to use it for long runs and it helped. Good luck on the research position!