Monday, April 1, 2013

Unexpected Road Trip

At the last minute on Friday afternoon, I got an invite from some relatives to come spend the Easter weekend with them. I'd been having a crappy week, not feeling great, antsy and sick of everyone—so I decided, Why not? The next morning, I threw some clothes in a bag, hopped in my car, put on some country music, and drove six hours up to my aunt and uncle's house. And guess what? I had a great time. It was the perfect escape to hang out with my cousins, dye Easter eggs, have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard (What? You're never too old...), and get away from school for a while.


Food was tricky, not gonna sugarcoat it. See what I did there? I had only eaten a teeny tiny breakfast before leaving early Saturday morning, and for some reason kept pushing through the drive without stopping for lunch even though my tummy was a-rumbling. By the time I got to my aunt and uncle's house around 2pm, I was starving. I pretty much marched in, dropped my bag, and announced I NEED FOOD. My cousin and I went out for sandwiches and then I was able to think a little more clearly.

It was weird. I haven't had one of those episodes in a long time—where I patently decide that I'm going to put off eating as long as possible just 'cause. I wasn't trying to restrict, I wasn't trying to lose weight, and I wasn't even pre-restricting in anticipation of a big meal or anything. I just didn't want to eat, and I got this creepy satisfaction out of the sick, empty, hungry feeling. Yuck.

Anyway, my aunt had a big Easter meal planned for Sunday afternoon before I left. I did a pretty good job of loading a fairly balanced meal onto my plate while managing to avoid most of the scary stuff, but I still felt stuffed and icky afterwards. Then of course, I had to get back in the car and spend the rest of the day on my butt driving 350 miles south back to College City. I got home around 9, hungry again, and spent the next two hours agonizing over what to eat.

So there were positives and negatives, I suppose. I had a wonderful time with my family. Plus, it was a big deal for me to make such a spontaneous trip, especially when I knew there'd be a big Easter meal on Sunday. But I dealt with it, ate what was put in front of me, and tried to remember that weekends like these are about more than food.


  1. Sounds like it was a lovely weekend; just what you needed! Congrats on the spontaneity! That's really major accomplishment, very happy you were able to do that! The food part is tricky, but I think your awareness of it is key. Also, that you didn't continue to delay food, but ate the family-meal food. Like you say, some ups and some...less ups, but I think your guts at going, and for being aware of triggering situations/feelings is so important!

  2. I can't remember the last time I went on a road trip... You had fun, thats really nice