Thursday, April 4, 2013

Busy Weekend Preview

Randomly big exciting weekend coming up. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting with a realtor to look at apartments for next year (can't stay in my current apartment because it is university-owned and designated for undergrads)—holy smokes, this future thing is getting real. Then I have work, tutoring, phone call with Grad School Professor, and then the opening session of a major national conference that my school is hosting this weekend. My editor from last summer asked me to write up a summary post for the web, so I get to take a press pass and tape recorder to go hear smart people talk about important things. After that I'm supposed to go to a sorority formal downtown with a bunch of my friends. I'm not actually in the sorority, but have been adopted as a sort of unofficial honorary member, and thus attend lots of their events without paying dues. WHADDUP MOOCHING. Saturday I have the second part of the conference before meeting up with a friend to see a show on campus. Then I am coming home to write up Part II of my summary. Good thing I have very little schoolwork and finished my laundry this morning.

I'm taking it as a really positive sign that I am actually excited for most of this stuff instead of anxious and dreading it. True, I'm feeling a little stressed about fitting everything in tomorrow, but the conference is a super exciting opportunity that I would never get to experience outside a college campus. Hopefully everything pans out well.

Speaking of hoping for things...I left a message with Dr. A several days ago, and am STILL waiting for him to call me back. I know the guy's busy, but sheesh. Last time I left him a message, he called me back at like 9 p.m. on a Friday night when I had a carful of friends, so I've had my phone glued to my side this past week, expecting to hear from him at any random time. I just want to know how much longer to stay on the steroids and why I'm still feeling crappy and what the hell is up with my body, yet again. Sorry, I'll cut the whining now...

Much more positive note: I saw my therapist Dr. P yesterday and gosh darn it, I think she is just fantastic. Really, I love her more and more every week. We talked a lot about that tough conversation with my dad, how I'm coping with the physical pain, and how to deal with the residual anxiety/depression I still have from all the health scares. We also talked a little bit about R, and why therapy with him ended up being a total fail. Can't even express how different my sessions with Dr. P are than they used to be with R—I actually talk openly and honestly, and I feel understood/validated/empowered all at once.

Hope everyone's having a great week, take care!

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  1. So much exciting stuff here! What a wonderful opportunity to cover the conference; hope it's going well so far! And I hope the apartment hunting and formal were fun also! I think it's a really awesome sign that you're enjoying these things so much, rather than being overcome with anxiety about them. Yay! Hope Dr. A got back to you, and great to hear that working with Dr. P is still going so well!