Saturday, April 13, 2013

Medical Mysteries and Culinary Adventures

So I guess there really was a reason for all that fatigue and fogginess I've been having...just got my blood work back from the campus health center and apparently I tested positive for the Epstein-Barr virus—a.k.a. MONO. The nurse told me it indicated a "past infection," which is apparently quite common, so the virus is supposed to no longer be active. But then why the heck am I still so damn tired? When I was talking with the nurse about all the other crazy health issues I've been having, she recommended seeing a rheumatologist...not sure if I'm ready to add another doctor to my team, but we'll see. I've already tested negative for lupus and Sjogren's, I'm not anemic, and my thyroid is fine. So for now, the mystery continues.

Other doctor news: Dr. A finally called me back the other day, thank goodness. He said to stay on the steroid for another 2-3 weeks and if I'm not "90% better" by then, I should go back to see him. Hopefully that won't be the case, since there's really no feasible way I can get back to Home City for an appointment until after graduation at the end of May, which is about 6 weeks away. Not gonna stress about it yet...

YOU GUYS. I am so freaking checked out of schoolwork, it's really not funny. Can I blame the mono for this? I have three major papers left and I just literally cannot bring myself to do anything on them. It's getting bad. I love school, love my classes, don't want it all to end...but somehow, senioritis is still majorly kicking my butt. I can't help it; it is a force beyond my control. On the other hand, I'm making steady progress in my The West Wing-watching endeavor and my apartment is very clean. What? I like to clean!

So, I threw caution to the wind at the grocery store yesterday and bought kale instead of my usual broccoli. Anyone know how to cook it? I was quite proud of myself for being so adventurous, but now I don't know wtf to do with this bunch of greenery in my fridge.

A bunch of us are going out to dinner tonight for a friend's birthday, and I'm actually looking forward to the change of pace. Who am I? Plus, I weighed myself this morning for the first time in several days and the number barely phased me. Well, it phased me a smidge, but I'm over it. Mostly.

Happy Saturday, everyone. Hope it's a great weekend.

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  1. Hope you and the rheumatologist can come up with some answers! Glad Dr. A finally called back, sending good vibes your way that the pain clears up completely!

    Re: kale. I think you can season it and then bake it to make chip-like things. Otherwise, I think it goes well with chicken. Martha Stewart seems to have good ideas on the subject :) Congrats for being adventurous! Hope the night out was fun too!