Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing My Monthly Milestone

Heads up: The following will probably include a whole lotta TMI but I figure you guys know way too much about me anyway, so whatever. Dignity, be gone!

I should have my period right now, and it's stressing me out that I don't. My last two months were completely normal—exactly 30 days apart, exactly seven days long. That hasn't happened in years. So, this month's should have started on Sunday, but nothing. Then Monday, nothing. And today, still, NOTHING.

Except that I'm PMSing like crazy. Remember my irrational meltdown late last week? Yeah, things sucked, but I'm pretty sure it was partially hormone-fueled. Plus, I've been all crampy and bloated and MY BOOBS HURT. My weight is up this week, higher than it's been in over a year, actually (Idon'twannatalkaboutit), so why the heck would I skip a month? Maybe it'll still happen and I just need to be patient, fingers crossed! One of the few consolations of gaining weight has been the return of my period. I LOVE knowing that at least my reproductive system is functioning normally, you know?

Okay, that's all, just needed to express my bafflement to the blogworld. Nothing says good morning like some girl talk! Have a great Tuesday, everyone.


  1. Being a girl is so fun, right? It's good that you're monitoring this and are concerned. But I bet you're fine. Especially considering that you're on new meds and that your body has been through a lot lately. Anecdote: My cycles are a little different because I'm on the Pill, but basically you're supposed to be guaranteed a period when you do the placebo week...and there has been a time or two when that didn't happen, usually when I'd been traveling or under some other stress. (You want to get a lady freaked out, though, try lack of what is supposed to be guaranteed bleeding, NO BABIES PLEASE). So the point is that it happens, although it would be a lot nicer if our bodies weren't so moody. Plus, I don't remember how long you've had your period back, but sometimes it can take a year or so for your cycles to really normalize.

    Sorry about the PMS, though, that doesn't seem fair at all does it? Hang in there! Also, in your last post you mentioned fear about weight gain from your new meds, but remember you can add some temporary water weight if you're PMSing whether you actually get to the bleeding part or not.

    Girl talk is fine! Have a good day!

  2. I'm really sorry you've got the un-fun PMS, but no period. I definitely agree with Cammy, though, that it might take your body awhile to really get back on track. You've had a lot of changes lately with the meds, moving stress, school starting up again, etc., and the changes and stress may be delaying it, too. I hope it reappears soon!