Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy Busy

Quick Saturday update! I'm getting more than a little overwhelmed with all the schoolwork I have, so I probably shouldn't be blogging right now...but I figured I haven't written in a few days and you must all be dyyyying to hear from me.

Anyway, I'm busy. Turns out my honors thesis is way more work than I had anticipated (I'm dumb) and I'm probably taking one too many classes this semester. The rundown looks something like this:

- Classes A and B are both super interesting and fun, but have tonnnns and toonnns of reading. I've already filled two 1-inch binders with articles from A. Sorry, trees!

-Class C is a math class that I need to fill my core requirements. I. Am. Not. A. Math. Person. The only numbers I've used in four years have been calories and pounds. Also, I thought this class was supposed to be easy but it's NOT. Hey there, differential equations. I don't recall enjoying (ahem understanding) you the first time around either.

- Class D is more more reading and weekly papers.

- Class E is a required research seminar for everyone in honors. It's interesting, but the textbook is 1,400 pages long. Need I say more?

- And finally, my thesis. It's only just now dawning on me how huge of a project this actually it, but I'm really excited about it. My adviser's awesome and makes me feel smart and engaged. I am starting work on the actual content of the paper this week (as opposed to just the background research I've been doing thus far) and I am super pumped about it.

Along with the classes, I have my job with the communications department (about 5-10 hours per week, super flexible though, which is nice), I'm on the exec board for Club X, and I tutor for Club Y.

Right now, I'm trying really hard not to let myself get bogged down and overwhelmed with the work. I'm super OCD about grades and an A-minus tends to induce tears, but this semester I really want to keep some perspective. My body (not to mention my mind) has been through hell the past two years, and I want to be proud of myself for even surviving, let alone being in school. I was at a bar last night with some of my friends, and two of us were talking about how we should be at home because we had so much work to do, and then kind of made eye contact and were like, "What? No. No more school-talk."

Grades are important, I know, and I'm going to put my all into doing as well as I can, but I'm also not going to beat myself up if there's a B on my transcript. Shit happens, you know? I'll get through it, and I'm gonna be okay.

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  1. You DO sound busy! It sounds like you had a nice time out with friends, though, which is also important. One thing that really helps me when I feel overwhelmed is to make a really specific list of objectives just one day at a time so that I feel like I can narrow my focus to just what's on my list for the day. It at least helps me feel less overwhelmed about each day. And don't forget to put a little fun on the list! Good luck with everything, I hope it calms down soon!

    And congrats for trying to put the grades in perspective. That's really hard to do, but feels really freeing once you're able to keep in mind that a B isn't the end of the world. Take care!