Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Phone Calls Galore

My day today consisted of:
- calling Dr.'s #1, #2, #3, and #4 to confirm appointments for tomorrow, Friday, and Monday.
- calling campus health center to get referrals for the above four appointments, being told I need medical records sent from primary care doc first
- calling primary care doc for records
- calling campus health center back to confirm they received the records
- realizing that my appointments with Dr.'s #2 and #3 actually conflict on Friday
- calling Dr. #3 to push that appointment back to later in the afternoon
- a few hours later, receiving an automated confirmation call from Dr. #3's office with original time
- calling Dr. #3's office AGAIN to remind them of the changed time
- calling my insurance company to get my updated account information because they don't issue the new cards until September 1, even though the plan went into effect on August 1. (?????)

Why didn't I do any of this sometime in the past two months instead of saving it all for the day before my first appointment, you ask? Well, there is a good explanation for that...actually no, there isn't.

And yes, this was all done while at work. Best intern ever? I will be expecting a full job offer any day now.


  1. Sounds like quite a harrowing day! It made me tired just thinking about having to do all those things, so I'm sure it was really draining for you to actually do all of that! I hope you got it all straightened out with your appointments, records, and insurance!

  2. Wow. This is example #8697 of why I hate the way our medical system works. Alie's right, that can be really draining and I hope it's all sorted out now.