Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Weighed, Reprise

Back in March, I wrote a post about getting weighed at a doctor's office where the nurse made all sorts of unhelpful comments about my weight. I went back for a follow-up appointment this morning and, joy of joys, they weighed me again. I had a different nurse than last time but no worries! this one enjoyed talking about my weight too.

Some of her better lines:
- "Aren't you a light one!"
- "Well, that was different. I've been weighing old ladies all morning."
- "I hope you didn't take offense when I called you 'thin' - it came from a place of admiration. And jealousy."

She's not quite at the level of the radiology technician who did my bone density scan two winters ago. That gem of a medical professional told me - direct quote, people - "Sometimes I wish I had a little anorexia too, just to lose some weight." And yes, she was directly addressing the XX-lb nineteen-year-old girl with severe osteopenia in the spine and both hips.


  1. How much do you talk to your physician about the ED stuff? Because that nurse is clearly totally clueless as to what appropriate commentary consists of, and it might actually be worth it to mention it to the doctor. I know it feels weird do that, just an idea. I hate that she said so many awkward things to you, but am glad that you realize how ridiculous they are! I'm actually kind of sad for her, even though I wish she would stfu at your appointments. :/

  2. Yikes! I'm really sorry she said awkward/uncomfortable/ridiculous things! Doctor appointments seem stressful enough, without adding additional stress of uninformed personnel. I'm glad you're able to see these as somewhat humorous, though, and not take them to heart and let them get to you. Hope you have better luck at the doctor's in the future!

  3. that sucks. :( i've heard a lot of really terrible and unhelpful things in my time, too. people just don't get it sometimes, and it sucks.