Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Start of Summer

Hey everyone - I wish I were feeling up to writing a coherent post, but I'm just not. Sorry this blog is turning into such a snooze fest. I'm doing a lot better than last week - no more crying or wallowing. The change of scenery (from Home City to College City) has made a big difference, and I'm trying to see this move as a new beginning. My roommate and I had a really fun weekend in the city, which lifted my mood a lot, but I'm still just feeling kind of hollow and alone.

I don't really like to talk about this much, but I have a chronic pain condition that makes things seem pretty bleak at times. No one has ever been able to tell me definitively whether the anorexia contributed to it, and I don't really want to dwell on that.

On the bright side, I started my new internship today and LOVED it. My boss is a sweetheart and the work is really fun and interesting. At lunch, two other interns and I trekked over to Whole Foods. I had packed my own food, but decided to be spontaneous and buy with the other girls. I'd never been to a WF before, if you can believe it, and I had fun making a massive salad with all sorts of exotic ingredients. Score one for recovery...not so much for my wallet. I'll be packing my lunch from now on.

Anyway, that's my life for now. I promise to be in a better mood soon and regale you all with scintillating tales of my summer exploits.


  1. Totally not a snooze-fest, don't worry! I'm glad to hear that things are improving with your mood, and I hope that continues. Loneliness is so amazingly hard, but just keep fighting through!

    The chronic pain condition sounds like it would be frustrating, and I hope you're able to get some relief from it.

    It's so wonderful that your internship is going well! It sounds like not only work that interests you, but also great people. That can make for a really wonderful environment, and maybe help your mood? Congrats on the spontaneity, too! I've never been to Whole Foods, I wish we had one near me. Sounds heavenly though.

    Take care!

  2. Hey, life is life. Sometimes it's exciting and sometimes it's more dull. It is what it is! I can empathize with the chronic pain as my husband has a severe chronic pain condition as well. It's heartbreaking really and does affect so much. I'm not sure if you've read all about it on my personal blog or not so I'll spare you the details of you're up to speed. But I get that it can be hard to talk about it make people understand. Thinking of you. Have a great weekend!