Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skin tips?

Anyone else have the weird post-anorexia skin issues? My skin was essentially perfect for about 10 years until last spring/summer, when I was eating well, had gained weight and gotten my period back, and randomly started breaking out like a pre-teen. It was never AWFUL acne, but enough to make me super self-conscious. My skin cleared up a bunch in the winter, but now that it's getting warmer and more humid, it seems like my skin is getting angry again. I've always been prone to oily skin, but now it's SUPER oily (although also dry in some places, oddly enough) and I'm not sure what I can do to keep from breaking out again like last year. I assume it's just a question of hormones rebalancing after years of turmoil, but I would like them to hurry up and rebalance please! I'm 23, not 13!

This is such a dumb little thing, but a total self-esteem buster. Help!


  1. I have gone through post-starvation-puberty at least four times. Each time, I gained at least a full cup size from my previously stable weight size, and broke out hard core.

    This lil bottle is a serious god send-- I'm too sensitive skinned/dry in patches to actually use a salicylic acid containing face wash, but this works-- soon as it starts to feel like you might get a pimp, glob it on, zaps it right off.

    Also, being on birth control made my facial breakouts (which were somewhat PMS linked when non-refeeding related) totally non-existent. In the three years I've been on them, I've probably used the zit-zapper a handful of times.

    Other people I know with similar issues have had good luck with the burt's bees stuff-- not too drying.

    1. THANK YOU. glad to know I'm not the only freak going through puberty 2.0! I also have really sensitive skin (which I've heard has been linked to anxiety, oddly enough) and have never been able to use hardcore face cleansers, but spot treatment sounds perfect.

    2. ......I did not mean to imply that you are a freak.

  2. I started getting acne for the first time in my life when I got up to a healthy weight (also for the first time in my life...) and started eating well consistently and got my period back.

    I like the Neutrogena spot treatment in the little orange tube. It's great if you catch pimples early -- I find that if I put it on a proto-zit overnight, the zit may not immediately disappear but never develops any further. When my nose or forehead is feeling extra oily, I'll sometimes use the spot treatment over the whole area and it seems to prevent a big breakout. For a not-too-drying all-over face wash that dries out oily areas but doesn't bother my sensitive skin, I like Dr. Bronner's lavender soap (though it burns if it you get it in your eyes, so I use it only occasionally, and regular Cetaphil the rest of the time).

  3. Ugh, yes. This. I'm in the same boat right now. I've found that Clean&Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment helps my 'problem areas.' I also use Sea Breeze as my nighttime face cleanser and really like it, although it's a bit harsh for some people's skin. I've recently had to step up my game in that area as I'm also breaking out a lot more, and feeling crappy about it. I hope one of the suggestions mentioned helps! Good luck! You'll have to let us know what's most effective!

  4. Yes, I experienced this too. It's super annoying. I don't have any great tips though. But it does seem that it is related to physical recovery.

  5. thank you all!!! skin stuff is the worst