Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Check-In

Argh. Monday again. Why is it always Monday? Also it's raining. However, I am psyched because my bike got here over the weekend, (shipped from Mom and Dad's house) and I'm excited for the new set of wheels to ride around College City. Although, again, it's raining.

Anyway sorry to be so up-and-down these days, but I am feeling a LOT better since my last post. I think I may have finally accepted that weighing myself does more harm than good, and I need to just STOP.

I had a tricky day Friday food-wise, because I went out with a friend from college right after work. This friend comes from a very overweight family who eats totally differently than the way I grew up (and obviously differently than the way I ate when I was, you know, not eating) and we have completely different tastes, so it is always kind of stressful to go out with her. The original plan had been happy hour and then dinner, which turned into happy hour, appetizers, and THEN dinner, but not until like 10pm. Did I mention that I had skipped my snack earlier that afternoon because I had back-to-back patients at clinic? So by the time I met up with her around 6 and realized that we were just drinking, not eating yet, I probably should have pulled out my snack and eaten it then. Instead, I got drunk on Long Island Iced Teas and pretended to nibble on mozzarella sticks. By the time we got dinner (Chinese food—NOT my choice and NOT an easy cuisine for me) several hours later, I was starving and stressed. I ended up eating an okay dinner, although apparently it wasn't enough because later that night at home, I realized I was hungry again and had to eat a snack around 1 in the morning. So...poor planning on that one.


But I still accepted another happy hour/dinner invite the next night, mixed up the exercise by working out with a friend during the day, and had a fantastic time at both. Sounds like progress, right? My body image is still ehhh okay-not-great, but I'm not too hung up on it right now. Stopping the weighing seems to have helped. I think I may have to keep that up.

Happy Monday everyone. If you're anywhere near College City, stay dry!

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  1. Sounds like it was a really stressful situation! I'm glad you were able to realize later how it didn't go 100% great, but that you were also able to honor your hunger and have a snack at home. Awesome that you've been challenging yourself with social and workout stuff! Glad the body image is less in the forefront of your mind now that you're not weighing yourself. :)