Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Night Lamsies

Yes, I am sitting home alone BLOGGING on a Friday night, sue me. I'm not even ashamed of my lameness, because I'm too sleepy to care. What a day! I didn't get home until late last night and then couldn't sleep due to residual road rage—my friends and I were leaving this big shindig downtown and the traffic was insane. Yours truly was driving and College City got to see my, um, aggressive side. Sorry not sorry...other cars weren't letting me make a left turn! Had to stick my nose out. Anyways, I tossed and turned all night long until about six, when I finally gave up, got up, and made my coffee. At eight, I headed out to my psychiatrist appointment (Hi Dr. L!). It was nice to have a doctor's appointment include twenty minutes of pleasant conversation rather than power struggles and confusion and frustration. Dr. L said I was "easy." Doctors never think I'm easy! It was a thrill. Oh, get your minds out of the gutter. You guys are gross.

After that, I headed straight to the gym, biked dutifully for my 20 minutes (forgot to mention to you guys that I am now able to ride the upright stationary bikes almost pain-free! Trying hard not to overdo it....), and went back out to my car—which made a horrible ugly scraping sound and only started after three tries. Naturally, I freaked out, started to dial my mother when I realized that was illogical and not very mature of me, and instead dialed my mechanic. Long story poor boy Sam needs a new starter, which is going to set me back $200-300. JOY.


After that unexpected adventure, I raced home, showered in approximately 17 seconds and the answer is no I did not shave and went to work. By noon, I was facedown on my desk, slowly losing consciousness.

So I'm a smidge worn out, otherwise I'd write more about my conversation with Dr. L, all about the great new doctor I saw yesterday, my thoughts/fears/excitement about being able to get some exercise again, the craziness coming up next week, and how I have barely FIVE weeks left until school starts.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday! More later, this kid is off to veg.

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